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FAQs updating addresses and phone numbers

Work pass holders must update their addresses and phone numbers within 5 days of any change.

What should I do if my Work Permit or S Pass holder doesn’t have a suitable phone to download FWMOMCare?Show

If your workers don’t have a suitable phone, you should work out an arrangement with them to get a suitable phone.

Why don't other work pass holders need to register address and phone numbers on FWMOMCare?Show

Many Work Permit and S Pass holders are already using FWMOMCare to monitor their health status and to get telemedicine consultation when unwell. FWMOMCare provides a convenient and common platform for them to update their residential address and mobile number.

EP holders need to update their details in EP Online.

How does MOM ensure that workers download and register on FWMOMCare and check that they update their details within 5 days of any change?Show

MOM will be conducting random checks as well as checking during the renewal of work passes.

Employers and workers are reminded to comply with the requirements. MOM will not hesitate to take enforcement action against work pass holders who fail to comply.

Do S Pass holders still need to update their mobile number and residential address using EP Online?Show

S Pass holders need to update their mobile number and residential address using FWMOMCare.

The employer or S Pass holder must also update their address using EP Online.

Both the FWMOMCare app and EP Online must be updated within 5 days of any change.

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