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What are the changes for financial institutions (FIs) to transmit security bond (SB) for non-Malaysian migrant workers and migrant domestic workers?

Refer to the table below for the changes from 8pm, 27 October 2023.

From To transmit SB to MOM, FIs will
8pm, 27 October 2023 Not be able to use MASNET. Any transmission after this date will not be captured by MOM.
30 October 2023 Use eGuarantee@Gov only 

How to apply for eGuarantee@Gov

  1. Sign the Accession Agreement. Refer to the resources for the steps.
  2. Create Network Trade Platform (NTP) account. 

Key changes to the transmission of SB through eGuarantee@Gov/NTP

  1. Datasets for issuance, rejection, early discharge, acknowledgement.
  2. Acceptance of multiple cases in one file.

Download our resources and FAQs for more information on the key changes to the submission.