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I received a password-protected work pass-related document. How do I open this document?

In the course of transacting with the Work Pass Division in MOM, you may receive work pass related documents via email with attached password-protected documents. This is done to protect your personal information.

To open such documents, you need to enter the password using the format below:

First 3 characters of foreigner's nationality/citizenship  Underscore 

Date of birth


 Fre  _ 13121992 

The password for a French national who was born on 13 December 1992 will be: Fre_13121992

  • Make sure you use the first 3 characters of your nationality/citizenship. View examples in this list.
  • The password is case-sensitive. Use uppercase for the first character and lowercase for the second and third characters (e.g. use "Ame" not "AME").
  • The first 3 characters include punctuation marks such as commas (,), full stops (.), hyphens (-) and spaces (_).