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When can I use PayNow to pay for work pass-related charges?

You can use PayNow to pay for:

  • Work pass transaction fees – only when instructed.
  • Overstaying fines incurred by your foreign employees if they did not have legal stay during the work pass issuance.
  • Levy bond.
  • Security bond.

Where to enter the bill reference number

Enter the bill reference number at your bank's internet banking page as follows:

Bank Field to enter your bill reference number
Bank of China Remarks
You need to delete the words “PayNow Transfer” first.
Citibank Payment Details
DBS Reference
POSB UEN / Bill Reference Number
HSBC End to End ID
ICBC Transfer postscript
You need to delete the words “PayNow” first.
Maybank Transaction Details
You need to delete the words “PayNow Transfer” first.
OCBC Payment Details
Standard Chartered Bank Customer Reference
UOB Reference Number

We will update this list when we get the information from the other banks.