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FAQs on entry approval and SHN requirements for FDWs and confinement nannies

Find out what you need to do before you can bring in FDW or confinement nanny from overseas during the COVID-19 period.

Do I need to apply for MOM's entry approval before the FDW or confinement nanny can enter Singapore?Show

Yes, employers or employment agencies must obtain MOM’s entry approval before FDWs or confinement nannies can enter Singapore.

To bring an FDW or nanny into Singapore, you must:

  1. Ensure you can fulfil the additional responsibilities to bring the FDW or nanny in. This includes paying for her COVID-19 test and 14-day stay at the dedicated Stay-Home Notice (SHN) facility, if applicable.
  2. Secure a suitable place of residence for her to serve her 14-day SHN, unless she is required to serve SHN at a dedicated SHN facility.
  3. Ensure she has a Singapore mobile number. Her phone must have internet connection and WhatsApp installed. 
  4. Request for MOM’s approval before she can enter Singapore using the relevant links for:
    Use our entry approval calculator to plan when to submit your request.

    Requests received by 12pm are for arrivals within the next 30 days.

    If you submit the request 
    Get outcome
    From Monday to Friday, by 12pm
    Same day
    From Monday to Friday, after 12pm
    Next working day
    On weekends or public holidays
  5. Wait for MOM’s approval before confirming the flight and arranging for her to start her journey to Singapore.

For a new FDW, you need to wait for her to complete her 14-day SHN before you can get her Work Permit issued. To facilitate this, we will automatically extend the validity of her Short-Term Visit Pass and in-principle approval by 2 weeks.

Why are the 14-day stay at dedicated SHN facilities and COVID-19 tests chargeable when FDWs or nannies enter Singapore?Show

Since 9 April 2020, the Government has borne the costs of stay at dedicated SHN facilities for travellers entering Singapore, except for those who left Singapore from 27 March 2020 in disregard of the prevailing travel advisory. The Government has also borne the costs of the large majority of COVID-19 tests.

Going forward, as we re-open our borders to more international travel, those who enter Singapore would have to bear the costs of fulfilling entry requirements, as part of the cost of travel in a COVID-19 world.

What are the charges for the 14-day stay at the dedicated SHN facility and COVID-19 test?Show

The charges are as follows:

  • 14-day stay at the dedicated SHN facility: $1,500 including GST
  • COVID-19 test: up to $200 including GST

When will the charging of staying at a dedicated SHN facility and COVID-19 test begin?Show

The new requirements of COVID-19 test and SHN accommodation will be effective for arrivals from 17 June 2020, 2359 hours.

Who is responsible for the costs of the FDW's entry requirements, including COVID-19 test, transport and SHN accommodation, as applicable?Show

Type of FDWs Purpose of travel Who is responsible for the costs?
Existing FDWs returning from overseas Left Singapore for work (e.g. accompany employer overseas)

Employers must bear the costs in full and are not allowed to pass on any cost to their FDWs.

Left Singapore for personal reasons Employers and FDWs should come to a mutual agreement on who bears the costs or how to share them.
New FDWs on Work Permit in-principle approvals
Plan to enter Singapore for employment
Employers must bear the costs in full and are not allowed to pass on any cost to their FDWs.

The party who submitted the FDW's entry approval request must pay for the costs. 

Employment agencies which submitted the entry approval request may recover these costs from employers. If so, employment agencies should obtain the employers’ agreement to pay for the costs before submitting the entry approval request. 

When and how do I make payment for the FDW’s/nanny’s 14-day stay at the dedicated SHN facility and COVID-19 test?Show

After the FDW/nanny has entered Singapore, you will receive an email with payment instructions and a link for you to make payment using credit card. You must make payment no later than 7 days after her arrival (e.g. if she arrived on 1 July 2020, payment must be made by 8 July 2020).   

Do I need to make an appointment for my FDW or confinement nanny for the COVID-19 test?Show

The test will be scheduled a few days before the end of the SHN period, at a designated community testing facility. She will receive information on the scheduled appointment slot and venue via an SMS notification.

Must I still pay my FDW salary while she is serving her 14-day SHN?Show

The current requirements are still applicable. For: 

  • New FDWs, you must start paying her salary once she is deployed to your house after her SHN. 
  • Existing FDWs returning from overseas, you must continue paying her salary once she returns to Singapore. 

What should I do if my FDW or confinement nanny falls sick during her SHN?Show

If your FDW or nanny is serving SHN at a:

  • Dedicated SHN facility, please inform the staff there to assist in making the necessary arrangements. 
  • Non-dedicated SHN facility, you should ask her to wear a mask and take her to the nearest Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) or GP clinic. You should also inform MOM of such cases immediately by sending a WhatsApp message to 8361 8932.

My FDW or confinement nanny is coming from Malaysia (e.g. Johore Bahru), do I need to apply for entry approval before she can enter Singapore?Show

Yes, you need to apply for MOM’s entry approval so long as your FDW or confinement nanny is overseas and plans to enter Singapore.

When should employers / employment agencies submit the entry approval request?Show


Requests received by 12pm are for arrivals within the next 30 days. Use our entry approval calculator to plan when to submit your request.

As the FDWs/nannies need to serve a 14-day SHN upon arrival before they can work, do factor the additional time needed in your planning.

If employers need help with the entry approval and SHN arrangements, what can they do?Show

Employers who are unable to fulfil the additional responsibilities for FDWs or confinement nannies may get employment agencies to help with the entry approval and SHN arrangements. In this case, the employment agency needs to fulfil the additional responsibilities.

If no party is willing and able to fulfil the additional responsibilities, the FDW or confinement nanny should not enter Singapore.

Can employers / employment agencies submit multiple requests on the same day for the same FDW or confinement nanny?Show

Employers or employment agencies should not submit multiple requests for an FDW or confinement nanny within the same application window (from 12:01pm today to 12pm tomorrow) using the same or different arrival dates. We will only process the latest request and notify you on the outcome for it, and reject the earlier ones.

Employers with multiple FDWs must submit 1 request per FDW.

How will employers / employment agencies be notified of the entry approval outcome?Show

Employers / employment agencies will receive the outcome by email.

The email approval must be sent to the FDW or confinement nanny. She must show a print-out of this approval to the airline staff upon check-in before boarding the plane and to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) upon arrival in Singapore.

Is there a need to submit a new application for approval if the flight is delayed or changed?Show

MOM’s approval already included flexibility to deal with possible flight delays, which is stated in the email when approval is given. However, you will need to submit a new request if the arrival date falls outside the dates given in the approval. Make a request online for:

Can employers get a levy waiver for FDWs who are overseas or on home leave for more than 60 days, as they are not able to enter Singapore when the travel restrictions are in place?Show

Employers can get a levy waiver for their FDWs who are overseas or on home leave up to 90-day cap if they are unable to return to Singapore due to travel restrictions.

You can apply for levy waiver after the worker enters Singapore.

My FDW or confinement nanny intends to travel out of Singapore. What do I need to consider?Show

Please discourage your FDW or confinement nanny from going overseas as any worker who leaves Singapore from 27 March 2020 will be given lower priority in the grant of MOM’s entry approval for her to enter Singapore. The country she is visiting may also have travel restrictions. Thus, there could be significant delays before she can return to Singapore.

If she still decides to go overseas and subsequently develops symptoms within 14 days of returning to Singapore, she will be responsible for any COVID-19 treatment costs that she incurs in Singapore.

I am unable to hire an FDW due to the travel restrictions and have urgent caregiving needs. What can I do?Show

Given the COVID-19 measures implemented by countries worldwide, families who hire FDWs are also affected.

Those with urgent caregiving needs can consider home or institutional care options.

If you need help with caregiving for children aged 0-6 years, you can search for a preschool using the Early Childhood Development Agency’s Preschool Search Portal. The portal allows you to search for centres, find out if a centre has vacancies and register your interest with the centre. You can also refer to the ECDA website for more information.

If you need help with caregiving for children aged 7-14 years, you can consider Student Care Centres (SCCs). You can search for SCCs based on locations using the postal code filter.

If your child is currently enrolled in a Special Education (SPED) school and you wish to explore a temporary care arrangement, you can consider Special Student Care Centres (SSCCs), which offer before and after school care services for children and youths between age 7 to 18. You can search for SSCCs online.

If you need help with caregiving for seniors, you may contact the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) at 1800 650 6060 for referrals to home and centre-based care services. This includes day care centres which provide care and support to seniors in the day, including those with dementia. Transport to and from day care centres is available.

My confinement nanny's visit pass is expiring, how do I extend her stay in Singapore?Show

You need to request for an extension of your confinement nanny’s stay if:

  • The duration of her visit pass does not cover her employment period. If she is transferring to another employer in Singapore, you can make the request for her, or she can engage an employment agency to do so.
  • She leaves Singapore during the employment period. Her visit pass will be cancelled when she leaves, and you have to request for an extension each time she leaves and returns to Singapore.

Please submit the extension request at least 2 weeks before her visit pass expires and upload these documents:

  • Front and back of her Disembarkation / Embarkation card (maximum 1MB)
  • Personal particulars page of her passport (maximum 1MB)

We will email you the outcome within 2 weeks. A $40 extension fee will be charged for each extension made beyond 3 months from the date the visit pass was issued.

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