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Apply for a Dependant's Pass

You can apply for a Dependant's Pass for family members of your eligible Employment Pass or S Pass employees.

At a glance

Who can apply

Employer or appointed employment agent (EA).

How much it costs When you submit the application:
  • $105 for each pass
When you get the pass issued:
How long it takes

Dependants of EP and S Pass holders: within 3 weeks for most cases.

Dependants of Employment Pass (Sponsorship), PEP or EntrePass holders: within 8 weeks for most cases.

Documents required Find out what you’ll need.
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These are the steps for applying:

Step Who does this Result
Submit an application

Employer or EA

In-principle approval letter or rejection letter
Bring the foreigner into Singapore Employer or main pass holder  Entry approval letter 
Get the pass issued Employer or EA Notification letter
Register fingerprints and photo (if required) Foreigner Acknowledgement of card delivery
Receive the card Authorised recipients or the foreigner Dependant’s Pass card


  • You can submit the application along with the main pass holder’s work pass application or at a later date. Submit a separate application for each family member.
  • If the foreigner is in Singapore with a visit pass that will expire before the Dependant’s Pass is issued, we won’t be able to extend the visit pass.
  • You should only bring in the foreigner when the pass is approved. They don’t need to be in Singapore when you apply and we won’t be able to extend their visit pass.
  • For babies born in Singapore, the parent will get a Special Pass from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). This pass is valid for 6 weeks, during which you can apply for a Dependant’s Pass.

Submit an applicationShow

Dependants of Employment Pass and S Pass holders

Processing time: within 3 weeks. Some cases will take more time.

To submit an application:

  1. Log in to myMOM Portal to fill up the application and upload the required documents.
  2. Pay $105 fee for each application. You can pay by GIRO, VISA, MasterCard or eNets Debit.
  3. Check your application status after 3 weeks. It may take longer if additional information is required.
  4. If the pass is approved, log in to EP Online and print the in-principle approval (IPA) letter.

Send the pass holder’s copy of the IPA to the foreigner. It has a pre-approved single-entry visa for the foreigner to enter Singapore.

Dependants of EP (Sponsorship), PEP or EntrePass holders
For Who to submit application
Dependants of EP (Sponsorship) Your local sponsor
Dependants of PEP or EntrePass Main pass holder

Processing time: within 8 weeks. Some cases will take more time.

To submit :

  1. Download the Dependant’s Pass application form (for online submission).
  2. Complete the application form as a softcopy to get the bill reference number.
  3. Print the application form and get it signed.
  4. Pay $105 fee for each application by PayNow. You can use Telegraphic Transfer only if you can’t use PayNow. We will only process your application after we have received your payment.
    If you use You must
    • Have an internet banking account with a Singapore bank.
    Telegraphic Transfer
    • Pay in Singapore dollars (SGD).
    • Inform your bank that you will pay all the bank charges imposed by your bank and our bank for the transfer.

    Note: Depending on your bank, it may take up to 1 month for us to receive your payment.

  5. Submit the following documents:
    • Completed and signed application form
    • Screenshot of banking page confirming your payment
    • Supporting documents listed in the application form

    For Use
    Dependants of EP (Sponsorship) applicants or holders Log in with Corppass
    Dependants of PEP or EntrePass applicants or holders

    If you have Singpass

    If you don’t have Singpass

It takes around 8 weeks to process the application. It may take longer if additional information is required. You can check the application status online.

If approved, we will email the in-principle approval (IPA) letter to the email indicated in the application.

Send the pass holder’s copy of the IPA to the foreigner. It has a pre-approved single-entry visa for the foreigner to enter Singapore.

After you receive the IPA, you have the following period of time to bring the foreigner to Singapore and get the pass issued:

If the foreigner is a It is valid for
Dependant of EP holder 6 months
Dependant of S Pass holder 2 months

Bring the foreigner into SingaporeShow

  1. Submit an entry application for the foreigner. They must obtain an entry approval to enter Singapore.

    If the foreigner is a dependant of  Who needs to submit the foreigner's entry application
    EP, PEP (with employers) or S Pass holder
    Employer of EP, PEP or S Pass holder
    PEP (without employers) or EntrePass holder
    PEP or EntrePass holder
  2. Ensure the foreigners comply with the requirements (e.g. Stay-Home Notice and COVID-19 tests) listed on their entry approval letters or emails. 

Get the pass issuedShow

When: For dependants of:

  • Employment Pass (EP) holders, within 6 months of in-principle approval (IPA). 
  • S Pass holders, within 2 months of IPA.

Processing time: Immediate

The foreigner must be in Singapore when you carry out these steps to get the pass issued: 

  1. Log in to myMOM Portal and provide the required information and documents.
  2. Pay the fees using GIRO, VISA or MasterCard:  
  3. Once the pass is issued, the foreigner and you will both receive the notification letter by email.

The notification letter:

  • Allows the foreigner to travel in and out of Singapore while waiting for the pass card.
  • States if the foreigner needs to have their fingerprints and photo taken for the card registration.
  • Is valid for 1 month from the date of issue. If the foreigner needs more time to complete the card registration procedures, you can request to extend the validity of the notification letter: 

What you'll need

You will need the following information to get the pass issued: 

  • Foreigner’s passport details
  • Foreigner’s Singapore contact details 
  • Foreigner’s current Short-Term Visit Pass (STVP) or immigration pass details
  • Foreigner’s Singapore residential address
  • Singapore residential or office address to receive the foreigner’s card
  • Details of up to 3 authorised recipients to receive the card (their mobile number, email address and NRIC number / FIN / passport number) 

You may also need to upload PDF copies of these documents:

  • Foreigner’s passport page showing the date of arrival in Singapore 
  • Completed medical examination form or medical declaration form
  • Completed declaration form (attached to the foreigner’s IPA letter)

If you need more time to get the pass issued as the foreigners are waiting for their medical results, you can extend their STVP. Submit this request within 1 week before the STVP expires and upload the doctor's memo stating the medical results collection date.

If the STVP expires on 10 February, please only submit the request from 3 February.

Register fingerprints and photoShow

When: For EP dependants, within 2 weeks; for S Pass dependants, within 1 week

Check the notification letter for whether the foreigner needs to register fingerprints and photo.

For registration, you must make an appointment for the foreigner to visit the relevant MOM centre:

Type of dependant Where to register Timeframe for registration
Dependants of Employment Pass holders Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) Within 2 weeks after pass is issued
Dependants of S Pass holders MOM Services Centre - Hall C Within 1 week after pass is issued

They need to bring these documents for the appointment:

  • Original passport
  • Appointment letter
  • Notification letter

Receive the cardShow

When: 4 working days after registration or document verification

We will deliver the card to the given address 4 working days after the foreigner registers and gets documents verified.

If the foreigner does not need to register, we will deliver the card 4 working days after checking the documents.

The authorised recipients will get an SMS or email with the delivery details at least 1 working day before the delivery.

Download SGWorkPass to scan QR code on your new card to check status, expiry date and more.

If card delivery fails

After two unsuccessful deliveries, you’ll have to collect the card at the relevant services centre:

Type of dependant Where to collect
Dependants of Employment Pass holders Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC)
Dependants of S Pass holders MOM Services Centre - Hall C

The foreigner or an authorised person can collect it 3 working days after the second attempted delivery. They don’t need an appointment.

Bring along these documents for card collection:

  • Candidate’s original passport
  • Notification letter

If you authorise someone to collect it on your behalf, make sure they bring these along:

  • An authorisation letter from the employer
  • NRIC or passport for verification