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Cancel a Dependant's Pass

You must cancel a Dependant’s Pass if the family member no longer needs the pass. You must also return the cancelled pass card.

At a glance

When to cancel

You must cancel the Dependant’s Pass (DP) in these situations:

  • The main pass holder has become a Singapore permanent resident.
  • DP holder intends to leave Singapore and reside elsewhere.

Note: If you are cancelling the main pass, the DP will be cancelled at the same time.

Who can cancel

Employer or appointed employment agent (EA).

Note: Personalised Employment Pass holders can cancel their family members’ DP. They can also get an authorised EA to cancel it.

How long it takes Cancellation is immediate.


  • If the DP holder has left Singapore permanently, you must cancel the pass within one week from the DP holder's departure date.
  • When the DP is cancelled, any related Letter of Consent or Work Permit will also be cancelled.
  • You must buy an air ticket to send the DP holder to the international airport in the home country, nearest to the hometown, unless the DP holder agrees in writing to bear the cost.

How to cancel

To cancel the pass:

  1. Log in to EP Online and cancel the pass. Cancellation is immediate and a 30-day Short Term Visit Pass will be generated for the pass holder if the pass holder is still in Singapore.
  2. Give a copy of the cancellation acknowledgement letter and Short Term Visit Pass to the pass holder. The pass holder must give the STVP to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.
To cancel the pass, log in to EP Online and cancel it.

Return the card

You must return the original pass card within 1 week from cancellation by posting it to Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764. You can use EP Online's "card return" function to tell us why you are unable to return the card.

When returning the Dependant's Pass card, do not:

  • Deface, cut up or punch holes into it.
  • Tape the card onto a letter.
  • Glue or tape multiple cards together.