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A free mobile app to check the validity of MOM-issued passes and for Work Permit holders to view their salary information.

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SGWorkPass is available for iOS, Android and Huawei HarmonyOS.

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For instructions on setting up the app, read the step-by-step guide.

The use of SGWorkPass is governed by these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What is SGWorkPass


SGWorkPass is a mobile app that can be used for the following:

Use it to Who can use it
Easily verify the validity of MOM-issued passes, such as:
  • Work passes
  • Dependant’s Pass and Long-Term Visit Pass
  • Special Passes - issued to pass holders assisting in investigations, attending court proceedings, or settling salary or work injury claims

Anyone with the app.

Simply launch the SGWorkPass app and scan the QR code on the pass card to verify its validity instantly.

Check personal salary information Work Permit holders, including migrant domestic workers (MDWs). 

Set up your SGWorkPass

As a work pass holder, you should set up the SGWorkPass using your Singpass login details. It allows you to:

  • Directly view your work pass details without scanning the QR code on the card.
  • Enjoy greater data privacy – Detailed pass information will only be shown after you have confirmed your identity using Singpass or the fingerprint, facial recognition, or passcode security features on your mobile phone.
  • Receive notifications from MOM which are unique and relevant to you.

With the SGWorkPass app available in different languages, services will be more accessible to you now.

More features will be added to the app to support your stay and employment in Singapore, so keep it updated.

How to use the app

Check work pass validityShow

Use the app to scan the QR code on the pass to view the validity period.

Scan the QR code

You can check the validity period of:

  • Work passes
  • Long-term passes
  • Special Passes

Check salary informationShow

Available only for Work Permit holders, including MDWs.

To check monthly salary information:

  1. Use the app to scan the QR code on the pass card (Skip to Step 2 if you have set up your app).
  2. Tap My Employment Info.
  3. Log in using Singpass.

Any updates to salary will be reflected in the app 1 working day after your employer has notified us.

Employers need to notify MOM of any salary changes for migrant domestic workers or migrant workers.

(For MDWs) Get helpShow

You can call to get help or advice:

  1. In the Quick Access menu, tap Get Help. A list of useful contact numbers will be displayed.
  2. Click a number to instantly call the helpline, emergency line or NGO contact.

(For MDWs) Get information about employment rights and obligationsShow

In the Quick Access menu, tap Resources.
You will be able to access a range of information on your employment rights and obligations.

Help and support

If your employee’s work pass is shown as 'Invalid'Show

When a work pass has an 'Invalid' status in SGWorkPass, it means that the work pass has been cancelled or is expired. The pass holder can no longer continue working.

You should log into WP Online or EP eService to check and rectify the causes that made the work pass invalid.

(For all pass holders) Singpass helpShow

First time users can register for Singpass.
Existing users can reset their Singpass if they are unable to log in.
View the Singpass FAQs for further information.

For more information, you may refer to our FAQs.

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