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SGWorkPass is a free mobile app to check the validity of Singapore work passes or long-term passes issued by MOM.


Available for iOS and Android.

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What is it

A must have app for all employers, foreign employees, agents, or anyone who wishes to verify if a work pass or long-term pass card issued by MOM is valid.


Scan it to check it

Simply launch SGWorkPass to scan the QR code of a work pass or long-term pass card and you can verify its validity instantly.

A work pass or long-term pass could be cancelled before it expires. This is because employment or stay status can change over time. When this happens, the pass holder will not be allowed to continue their work or stay in Singapore.

SGWorkPass screenshot

No QR code? No problem!

If the work pass or long-term pass card doesn't have a QR code, you can verify it using the unique Card Serial Number printed on the card.

How to use

To scan QR code on the card:

  1. Download and open SGWorkPass.
    Here’s a guide to set it up.
  2. Scan the QR code.
    Scan the QR code
  3. You can view your latest pass information.
    View your latest pass information

More info

Find out more:

The use of SGWorkPass is governed by these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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