Most customers use our digital services (e.g. eServices, web chat, website) to find out about the latest work pass requirements. If you’re unable to do so, you can make an appointment to visit our services centres.
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Tap on AccessCode colour bar to find out why your worker's AccessCode is "Red". Employers can use Safe@Work to check AccessCode status of your workers on Work Permit, S Pass or Employment Pass.


Check validity of Singapore work passes or long-term passes issued by MOM. Employers and workers can check AccessCode if workers can leave for work. Work Permit holders and FDWs can check their salary info.


Available for iOS and Android. Latest version 1.1.8

Find out how to set up.

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What is it

Scan the QR code of a work pass or long-term pass card:

  • Anyone can check if a work pass or long-term pass card is valid.
  • Employers and workers can check AccessCode if workers can leave their dormitories or other residential premise for work.
  • From 29 January 2021, Work Permit holders (including FDWs) can see their salary info. They need Singpass to log in.



Employers and workers can check AccessCode whether workers are permitted to leave their residences for work.

You need to ensure your workers install the latest version of SGWorkPass (version 1.1.8) to show their AccessCode.

AccessCode doesn't apply to:

  • FDWs
  • Non-working Dependant's Pass and Long Term Pass holders.

AccessCode colours and descriptions

Icon colour and description What does it mean
Place of stay

QR code address and dormitory records do not match

Check that:

  • Your worker use FWMOMCare to scan QR code in their room
  • Dormitory operator's records are updated.
Place of stay
Your worker's place of stay temporarily cannot be used to determine AccessCode status.
COVID-19 infection

You must ensure your worker does not go out, wears a mask and avoid close contact with others.

  • Active COVID: Your worker is infected with COVID-19. A healthcare professional or government officer will contact your worker.
  • Require re-test: A re-test will be arranged.
  • Missed swab, cannot work: Your worker missed their rostered routine testing (RRT) appointment. Schedule an appointment to go for swab test immediately.
  • Pending re-test result: Result of the swab re-test is not available yet.
Approved to start work – No

Your company has not been given approval to operate, or your workers were not allowed to start work.

Check the GoBusiness Portal to find out if you are allowed to resume operations, or approach your respective lead agencies for assistance.

How to use

Check pass validityShow

Scan the QR code or barcode on the card.

Scan the QR code

Check if foreign workers can leave their residences for workShow

Scan QR code or barcode on the card to check if your workers can leave their residences for work.

Type in the FIN if you can’t scan the QR code, or if work pass card doesn’t have QR code, e.g. non-QR code cards or notification letters.

Can leave residence for work

Your worker’s AccessCode

Sample - Green

Your worker’s AccessCode details

Sample - Green details

Cannot leave residence for work

Your worker’s AccessCode will turn “Red” if one or more of the reasons are “Red”.

Your worker’s AccessCode

Sample - Red

Your worker’s AccessCode details

Sample - Red details

See salary infoShow

For: Work Permit holders (including FDWs) only.

For You can see
Foreign domestic workers
  • Basic monthly salary
Foreign workers
  • Monthly salary
  • Basic monthly salary
  • Fixed monthly allowances
  • Monthly housing, amenities and service deductions
  • Monthly deduction for others

To see their salary information, your workers must:

  1. Use SGWorkPass to scan the QR codes on their cards.
  2. Tap "See my Salary Information".
  3. Log in with their Singpass.

If there are changes to their salary, your worker can see their updated salary 1 working day after you notify us.


Step-by-step video guide

Watch the step-by-step user guide video in English, Bengali, Mandarin and Tamil.

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