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EA Alerts

Read the latest and past issues of EA Alerts for employment agencies.

EA Alerts 2021

Date Topic For Title
September Advisory MDW-placing EAs Pre-deployment Antigen Rapid Test (ART) For Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) and confinement nannies
September Advisory Non-MDW-placing EAs Regular Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for staff
September Policy MDW-placing EAs New Employment Agencies Licence Conditions for the sharing of SHN and related COVID-19 tests costs between MDW employers
September Advisory MDW-placing EAs EAs to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination for Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs)
August Advisory MDW-placing EAs COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test for Staff and MDWs
August Advisory Non-MDW-placing EAs COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test for Staff
June Advisory FDW-placing EAs Advertise Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) transfer services responsibly
June Policy FDW-placing EAs Reduction of Stay-Home Notice (SHN) period at dedicated facilities for travellers from higher risk-countries/regions
June eServices FDW-placing EAs New authorisation process for FDW eService transactions performed from 1 July 2021 
May Policy FDW-placing EAs Further Rescheduling of Entry of Work Pass Holders
May Advisory FDW-placing EAs MOM is Stepping Up Checks
Mar Policy FDW-placing EAs Notifying MOM for FDWs working at another address
Feb Policy CL (All) EAs Change in FDW and confinement nanny application process
Jan Policy FDW-placing EAs Take active steps to bring FDWs into Singapore safely

EA Alerts 2020Show

Date Topic For Title
Dec Policy All EAs

Employers must buy 14-day COVID-19 medical insurance of at least $10,000 for FDWs, confinement nannies, Work Permit, Training Work Permit and S Pass holders entering Singapore from 1 January 2021



Dec Policy All EAs Resumption of processing of new Work Permit and S Pass applications
Dec Policy FW-placing EAs

Notification to EAs on inclusion of additional KETs in IPA letter for foreign workers

Attachments: FAQs on additional KETs

Nov Policy All EAs Be responsible in facilitating transfer of workers to new employers
Nov Policy All EAs

Do not falsely declare in work permit applications

Attachments: Rules on change of employer

Sep Policy All EAs

Revised submission requirements for the quarterly EA returns


Sep Policy FDW-placing EAs

Enhancement to the FDW eService’s cancellation page

Attachments: Additional EALC for EAs during transition period of FDW

Aug Policy FDW-placing EAs Removal of FDW employer’s name and address from Work Permit card
Aug Policy All EAs Ceasing of hardcopy banker's guarantee discharge letters for employment agencies
Jul Policy FDW-placing EAs Resumption of FDW SIP and classroom EOP
June Policy All EAs

Revisions to the Employment Agencies Licence Conditions (EALC)

Attachments: FAQs on the new Fair Recruitment requirements

May Policy FDW-placing EAs

Facilitating the transfer of FDWs by EAs


Mar Policy FDW-placing EAs EAs’ role in informing FDW employers about mandatory FDW interviews
Feb Policy All EAs SHN requirements for employers with new and returning work pass holders from mainland China
Feb Policy All EAs Requirements for employers with new and returning work pass holders from mainland China

EA Alerts 2019Show

Date Topic For Title
Dec Policy All EAs

Amendments to EALC from 11 December 2019

Attachment: FAQs for amendments to EALC

Dec Advisory FDW-placing EAs FDW age verification – Important steps to comply with
Dec eServices All EAs eServices maintenance from 2pm, 14 December 2019 to 2am, 16 December 2019
Nov Advisory FDW-placing EAs

New ATPs for FDW EOP from 1 January 2020

Related: EOP

Oct Policy FDW-placing EAs

New measures to help employers hire FDWs for a better match

Related: Press release

Sep Advisory FW-placing EAs

Extension of foreign worker SIP to marine shipyard, manufacturing and process sectors on 1 December 2019

Related: SIP for Work Permit holders

Sep eServices FDW-placing EAs

Use the FDW eService to ask for a handover period

Related eService: Work permit transactions for domestic helpers and confinement nannies

Sep Policy FDW-placing EAs

Extension of FDW levy concession from 1 September 2019

Related: Levy concession for FDW

Aug Advisory All EAs Things to note for work pass card registration at MOM Services Centre
Jul Advisory FDW-placing EAs

FDW insurance – things to take note

Related: Insurance requirements for FDWs

Jul Advisory All EAs

Educating Work Permit holders on money management and facilitating self-exclusion

Attachment: List of VWOs which work with work pass holders in debt

May Advisory All EAs

Notice to employment agencies to declare EAs’ affiliation by 1 July 2019

Attachment: FAQs on declaration of affiliation

Apr Advisory All EAs Responsibility of EAs in ensuring FWs and FDWs receive full set of IPA prior to departure from source country
Feb Advisory FDW-placing EAs

FDW to attend SIP with full set of IPA

Related: SIP for first-time FDWs

Jan Advisory All EAs

Register eligible foreign workers for foreign worker Settling-in Programme within 14 days of arrival


EA Alerts 2018Show

Date Topic For Title
Dec Advisory All EAs

Early registration of eligible foreign workers for the foreign worker Settling-in Programme – Reminder


Oct Advisory All EAs

Adopt the Tripartite Standard on Recruitment Practices and distinguish yourself as a fair employer



Oct Advisory All EAs

Insensitive advertisements

Sep Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Advisory to EAs on insensitive advertisements


Sep Advisory All EAs

Foreign worker Settling-in Programme to start on 1 October 2018

Related: SIP for Work Permit holders
Register online: MWC website

Sep Advisory All EAs

Amendments to EALC which take effect from 1 Sep 2018


Jul Advisory All EAs

Fake job postings (reminder)

Related: Fake job postings

Jun Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Inaccurate IPA information – MOM stepping up checks


Jun Advisory FDW-placing EAs Enhanced penalties for EAs found with underaged FDWs
May Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Two employment agencies charged for deploying underaged foreign domestic workers

Related: Press release

May Advisory FDW-placing EAs

MOM advisory to EAs on Indonesian embassy’s new performance bond requirement



Mar Advisory FDW-placing EAs New work pass cards for FDWs when you issue or renew their passes from 20 March 2018
Feb Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Changes to the FDW Levy Framework


Feb Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Adopt responsible practices towards your clients

Attachment: Guidelines for employment agencies placing FDWs

Jan Policy All EAs EAs to comply with In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter requirements
Jan Advisory All EAs Promoting mobile apps to foreign workers in Singapore – “PeopleGo” and “FWapp”

EA Alerts 2017Show

EA Alerts 2016Show

Date Topic For Title
Dec Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Safety of FDWs

Related: Contracts and safety agreement for FDW

Dec Advisory FDW-placing EAs EAs’ role in promoting good employment relationships between FDWs and their employers
Nov Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Inappropriate advertisements on e-commerce websites

Related: Advisory to FDW-Placing EAs against insensitive advertising and inappropriate

Nov Advisory All EAs

EALC to take effect from 1 December 2016

Sep Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Cambodia as an approved FDW source with effect from 1 October 2016

Related: FDW eligibility

Sep Policy FDW-placing EAs EAs’ role in repatriating FDWs
Aug eServices All EAs Launch of the Employment Agency Customer Rating System
Jul Report All EAs EA Enforcement Report 2015
Jun Policy All EAs

Advance notice to EAs to keep records of referral and placement data for positions where the fixed monthly salary is at least $3,300, from 1 August 2016

Attachment: Letter of notice

Related: Submit quarterly referral and placement

Jun eService FDW-placing EAs

Implementation of EA customer ratings

Related: Customer ratings for FDW-placing EAs

Jun Others FDW-placing EAs YouTube video which showcased three FDWs’ positive experiences working with their Singaporean family
May Policy All EAs Proposed amendments to EALC to take effect from 1 June 2016
May Policy FDW-placing EAs

Enhanced version of IPA letter for FDWs


May Advisory All EAs Reminder to set up SingPass 2FA to perform sensitive government e-transaction
May Policy FDW-placing EAs Declaration of FDWs’ employers contact details in Work Permit applications
May Advisory All EAs Notice of expiry - Submission of renewal applications through OBLS / LicenceOne Portal (Beta)
Apr eServices All EAs

System migration notification – OBLS is moving to LicenceOne portal (beta)

Related: Perform EA licence transactions

Apr Advisory All EAs EA Seminar Info Kit 2016
Mar Advisory All EAs Consultations on Trustmark grading scheme for EAs
Mar Policy All EAs

Enhanced Licensing Framework for Employment Agencies

Attachment: Enhanced Licensing Framework

Related: Which employment agency licence to get

Feb eServices All EAs

Revamped Employment Agency Directory

Related: Employment agencies and personnel search

EA Alerts 2015Show

Date Topic For Title
Dec Advisory All EAs CEA Advisory to employment agencies
Nov Advisory All EAs Important EDM alert for employment agencies
Oct Report All EAs Orchard cluster audit operation results
Sep Advisory All EAs

Changes to Employment Act - To issue itemised pay slips and key employment terms (KETs) to employees


Aug Advisory Non-FDW placing EAs TAFEP’s EDM for non-FDW employment agencies
Aug Advisory FW-placing EAs

Ensuring acceptable accommodation for non-domestic foreign workers

Related: Housing requirements for foreign worker

Aug Advisory FW-placing EAs
Employment Agencies Licence Conditions
May Advisory FDW-placing EAs Four EAs found to have inappropriately displayed FDWs
May Advisory FDW-placing EAs

Minimum entry age requirement for FDWs

Related: Foreign domestic worker eligibility

Apr Advisory All EAs Tripartite guidelines on fair employment practices – update
Apr Advisory All EAs Orchard cluster audit operations: May 2015
Mar Advisory All EAs Include your employment agency’s information in written documents
Mar Advisory All EAs

Implementation of revised Security Bond and Banker’s Guarantee forms

Related: Forms for employment agencies

Feb Advisory FW-placing EAs

Do not keep passport or work pass of foreign worker

Related: Can an employer keep a worker’s passport?

Feb Advisory FDW-placing EAs Provide your FDWs with acceptable accommodation
Jan Advisory All EAs

New authorisation forms (with effect from 1 February 2015)

Related: Forms for employment agencies

EA Alerts 2014Show

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