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Submit quarterly referral information

As an employment agency, you must submit referral information to MOM on a quarterly basis.

At a glance

Who should submit
When to submit

You must submit within the 20-day period after each quarter:

  • 1-20 January
  • 1-20 April
  • 1-20 July
  • 1-20 October
What you need
  • UEN
  • EA licence number
Related form

Referral returns template

Who to submit

Only the following are allowed to submit returns:

What is it

Employment agencies play a key role in the employment and job matching landscape. They are in a good position to support fair consideration of locals and to build a strong Singaporean core in the workforce.

The quarterly submissions provide MOM with information to better understand industry trends and assess how we can help support the industry to uplift standards of professionalism and capabilities.

According to the Employment Agency Licence Condition 5(b), all EAs must provide MOM with referral information, if the position fulfils the following 2 criteria:

  • Permanent or contract positions of at least 6 months
  • Fixed monthly salary is at least $3,300

As a registered EA, you must comply with the licence condition. If you don’t comply, you may be subjected to prevailing penalties for breach of licence condition.

For more info, read the related questions.

What to submit each quarter

You must submit information of every job candidate referred to employer(s) at the end of each quarter.


Date of referrals When to submit
  • 23 Aug
  • 10 Aug
  • 2 Sep
1-20 Oct
  • 8 Oct
  • 13 Nov
  • 27 Dec
1-20 Jan of following year

Submit nil returns if no referrals

If you haven’t referred any candidates in the quarter, you still need to submit nil returns for the quarter. You only need to choose “Yes” for “Nil Placement”.

Example for nil returns

Keep supporting documents

You should keep the relevant supporting documents for referral information for 1 year, starting from the date you refered the candidate to the employer.

When to submit

You must submit the completed excel template to MOM by the 20th day after the end of every quarter.

For this quarter You must submit within
January to March (Q1) 1-20 April
April to June (Q2) 1-20 July
July to September (Q3) 1-20 October
October to December (Q4) 1-20 January of the following year

How to fill up the template

Refer to the sample returns to see how you can fill up the referral returns template for various scenarios.

Items to fill in

Column Item Description
A ID type

Choose NRIC, FIN or passport number.

NRIC for local employees.

FIN for foreign employees.

Passport number only for foreign employees who don’t have FIN.

B ID of referred candidate NRIC, FIN or passport number of referred candidate. Refer to column A to check which to use.
C Occupation that candidate is referred to

SSOC 2015 5-digit codes

D UEN of employer that’s referred to Search UEN
E Date of referral Use DD/MM/YYYY format
e.g. 20/11/2020)

How to submit

  1. Download and fill up the referral returns template.
    See sample returns.
  2. Log in to GoBusiness Licensing to submit the completed returns.
  3. When successfully submitted, a notification will be sent to your registered email in GoBusiness Licensing.

If you have any questions, please email