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Advance Placement Scheme (APS) for Foreign Domestic Workers

Find out if you are eligible for a foreign domestic worker (FDW) on the Advance Placement Scheme and the participating employment agencies you can approach.

What is it

The Advance Placement Scheme (APS) for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) is a pilot which started in August 2016. It was proposed by the employment agency industry to enable faster placement and better matching of FDWs for employers with caregiving needs.

Participating EAs are allowed to source for and bring in a specific number of FDWs before they have found an employer. This enables employers to conduct face-to-face interviews with prospective FDWs to facilitate better matching. As these FDWs are already in Singapore, they can also be quickly deployed to the households.

Who is eligible

To qualify for APS, you need to be eligible for the FDW Concessionary Levy scheme.

Participating employment agencies

You can approach any of the following EAs to enquire about hiring an APS FDW:

EAs participating on Eldercarer FDW SchemeShow

EA Licence number Email
1.Care Employment Agency 13C6415
A4 Employment Agency 12C6236
Achieve Employment 12C5848
Active Global Specialised Caregivers 13C6324
Budget Employment Agency 17C8574
Homekeeper International 09C5350
Homekeeper Jobsplacement 09C5352
Maid Management Services 03C4432
Patience Employment Agency 06C4819
Summit Manpower 13C6349

EAs not participating on Eldercarer FDW SchemeShow

EA Licence number Email
Asset Agency 11C4090
Brilliant Sky Employment Agency 11C4326
Crislo Resources 16C7908
Greatlink Employment Agency 11C4824
JLK Employment Services 02C3501
Maidcity 97C4834
Nation Human Resources 12C5507
Network Employment Agency 14C6934
Super Employment Specialist 16C7846
Find employment agencies with the employment agencies and personnel search (EA Directory).

If you need an FDW trained in eldercare

If you need to hire an Eldercare-trained FDW, you can approach any of the EAs who are able to provide FDWs trained in Eldercare. They are part of MOH’s pilot Eldercarer FDW Scheme that taps on the APS.

Caregivers Training Grant

You may also be eligible for the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG). If eligible, CTG could offset up to $200 for training under the Eldercarer FDW Scheme.

Under CTG, you may also continue to send your FDW for further training with the other approved courses.