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Key employment terms (KETs)

KETs must include the following items, unless it is not applicable to the employee.

If the employee is a PME and overtime pay does not apply, the KETs don’t need to include items 11 (OT period) and 12 (OT pay).

Number Item description
1 Full name of employer.
2 Full name of employee.
3 Job title, main duties and responsibilities.
4 Start date of employment.
5 Duration of employment (if employee is on fixed-term contract).

Working arrangements, such as:

  • Daily working hours (e.g. 8.30am – 6pm).
  • Number of working days per week (e.g. six).
  • Rest day (e.g. Saturday).

Use KETs verification tool to check if work arrangements meet the Employment Act requirements.

7 Salary period.

Basic salary.

For hourly, daily or piece-rated workers, employers should also indicate the basic rate of pay (e.g. $X per hour, day or piece).

9 Fixed allowances.
10 Fixed deductions.
11 Overtime payment period (if different from item 7 salary period).
12 Overtime rate of pay.

Other salary-related components, such as:

  • Bonuses
  • Incentives

Type of leave, such as:

  • Annual leave
  • Outpatient sick leave
  • Hospitalisation leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Childcare leave

Other medical benefits, such as:

  • Insurance
  • Medical benefits
  • Dental benefits
16 Probation period.
17 Notice period.
18 (Optional) Place of work.
Used if the work location is different from the employer’s address.
Although optional, you are strongly encouraged to include this info.

Download samples and templates for employers

For help complying with these requirements, you can download the following templates:

Use the KETs verification tool to generate sections on work arrangements and salary.

You can also find more templates, tools, workshops and advisory services.