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What can I do in LicenceOne?Show

You can use LicenceOne for all employment agency licence transactions, such as:

  • Application
  • Amendment
    • Licence profile, e.g. general information, type of placement, company branches, operating address.
    • Registration or de-registration of EA key appointment holder (KAH) and other personnel.
    • Change of personnel particulars, e.g. phone, email, photo.
  • Renewal
  • Termination

How is LicenceOne different from OBLS?Show

Participating licensing agencies will be upgrading their licensing services to deliver a more user-friendly and efficient licensing experience for businesses. The improved services enhance the licence application process and payment of licence-related fees. Other features include the amendment, renewal and cancellation of licences.

All licence-related interactions will be through this platform from now on.

New features include:

  • Enhanced process to connect you with the agency for licensing matters.
  • Complete tracking of your current and past transactions.
  • 360 view of your licences with other Government agencies.
  • One stop communication with licensing officers during application process.
  • Quick view on items that require actions.

For more info, read the LicenceOne new features guide.

Get helpShow

Read the user guide for more info on how to use LicenceOne.

Read the CorpPass step-by-step guide on how to use CorpPass.

Video guide on applying for EA licence.

Video guide on registering EA personnel.