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Work Permit for migrant domestic workers (MDWs): notify MOM

You need to notify MOM of changes during your MDW's employment, including changes in your residential address and her passport details, pregnancy, if she is missing or has passed away, or you would like to be a reference for her.

Additional step for employment agencies: Please get the employer’s authorisation using our FDW eService before you can perform any transactions for them. For more details, you can refer to our FAQs and infographic.

You will need to notify MOM in these situations:

Change in contact detailsShow

You should update your email address and mobile number using our FDW eService.

This will allow you to receive important information about your helper (e.g. when her Work Permit renewal or six-monthly medical examination is due). 

Change in your residential addressShow

You must update your new residential address within 2 weeks of the change by completing the relevant steps below.

Once you have done so, your helper’s workplace address will be automatically updated based on your new address. You will receive an acknowledgement letter of your helper’s workplace address by post within 2 weeks.

Singapore citizen or PR

If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, you need to update your address using ICA's eService

EP, S Pass, DP or LTVP issued by MOM

If you are holding an EP, S Pass, DP or LTVP issued by MOM, you need to update your residential address using EP Online. You will need a Singpass to log in.

LTVP holders need to get their EP, S Pass holders or sponsoring companies to update on their behalf.

Print the acknowledgement letter and keep it with your pass card. 

LTVP issued by ICA

If your LTVP was issued by ICA, please log in to our FDW eService with your Singpass to update the address. If you do not have a Singpass, you can get an employment agent to do the updating for you.

Once you have logged in, click ‘Edit my Profile’ and upload the latest documents with your new address (e.g. bank statement, internet or utilities bill). We will email you the outcome within 7 working days. 

Change in MDW's personal particularsShow

You need to update us of changes in your helper's personal particulars (e.g. passport details).

Please do so by using our FDW eService to update the following details for your helper: 

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Passport number or expiry date

For other details, please submit a request to update her particulars using the relevant link below and upload the relevant supporting documents (e.g. passport personal particulars page):

We will inform ICA of your helper’s new personal particulars. If she wishes to clear immigration using the automated gates, she can do so 4 working days after you have received our email that her details have been updated.

Change in MDW's salaryShow

If you plan to reduce your helper's salary, you must complete these actions before you can do so:

  1. Get her written consent.
  2. Inform us of her new salary using our FDW eService.

If you are increasing her salary, there is no need to inform MOM.

Provide a reference for your MDWShow

You can inform us if you wish to be a referee for your helper. This is for her prospective employers or employment agencies to contact you to find out about her conduct, character or work performance.

Use our online feedback form to provide these details and indicate ‘Reference for MDW’ in your message: 

  • Employer’s name and NRIC number/FIN
  • Employer’s contact number or email address
  • Helper’s name and Work Permit number or FIN

We will do the following:

  • Put you as the helper’s referee for 2 years. If you wish to ask for a longer period, please indicate the duration in the feedback form.  
  • Inform the helper’s prospective employers or employment agencies that we have received feedback on her, and to contact you if they wish to find out more. 

Please note that in general, prospective employers and employment agencies can use the FDW eService to find out helpers’ employment history. This information, including household type, size and period of employment, is made available to facilitate the selection of helpers. Previous employers’ identities are not disclosed. But prospective employers or agencies may find out referees’ household information when they contact them to discuss about the helper.  

If the prospective employer decides to employ the helper despite the feedback, we will process the application. We only ban helpers from employment if they are found guilty of criminal offences.  

You can withdraw as a referee any time using our online feedback form. Please indicate ‘Withdrawing Reference for MDW’ in your message. 

If your MDW is pregnantShow

The clinic or employer will have to update MOM of the helper’s pregnancy.

Period Who should update MOM 
During her six-monthly medical examination The clinic will have to update MOM of the helper's pregnancy. 
Not during her six-monthly medical examination The employer will have to update MOM of the helper's pregnancy and upload a copy of the doctor's memo.  

We will contact her employer within 7 working days after we received the medical results.

If your MDW goes missingShow

You must do these within 1 week of knowing that your helper is missing:

  1. File a missing person police report.
  2. Cancel the Work Permit.

If the helper is not found within 1 month from the date the Work Permit was cancelled, $2,500 (half of the $5,000 security bond) will be forfeited to cover the repatriation and other related costs.

Death of an MDW in SingaporeShow

If your helper passes away in Singapore, you need to:

  1. Contact the police immediately.
  2. Send the following information to us within 12 hours of knowing about her passing:
    • Your name and contact number
    • Helper's name and Work Permit number
  3. Cancel the Work Permit immediately after you have informed MOM about the helper's passing. Upload a copy of the following documents when cancelling the Work Permit:
    • Death certificate
    • Airway bill if the ashes or body has been sent back to the home country.
      Burial certificate if the body has been buried in Singapore.
      Cremation certificate if the body has been cremated in Singapore.