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Work Permit for FDW: notify MOM

You need to notify MOM of changes during your foreign domestic worker’s employment, including changes in residential address and worker’s passport details, worker’s pregnancy, missing worker, death of a worker or provide a reference for your worker.

You will need to notify MOM in these situations:

Change in residential addressShow

If you employ a foreign domestic worker (FDW), you must notify MOM within 2 weeks if you change your residential address.

If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident

You can update your address at the following locations:

  • Immigration and Checkpoints Authority building, level 3.
  • Any neighbourhood police post or centre.

We will automatically update your helper’s workplace based on your new address. You will receive an acknowledgement letter within 2 weeks.

If you are an Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, Dependant’s Pass or Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) holder

Update your residential address using EP Online. LTVP holders need to get their EP, S Pass holders or sponsoring companies to update on their behalf.

Print the acknowledgement letter and keep it with your pass card.

We will automatically update your helper’s workplace based on your new address. You will receive an acknowledgement letter for this update within 2 weeks.

Change in FDW's personal particularsShow

You need to inform us of changes to your helper’s personal particulars, such as passport updates.

You inform MOM through:

  • WP Online – for updating your helper’s name, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date and marital status.
  • iSubmit – for all other changes. Attach copies of your letter of request and supporting documents (e.g. passport). Choose option 4: Amendment of information/particulars for foreign workers and FDWs.
We will inform ICA about the changes to passport details. If your helper wishes to clear immigration using the automated gates at the checkpoints, they can do so after 4 working days from the update.

Change in FDW's salaryShow

Before you change your helper's salary, you must:

  1. Get her written consent.
  2. Inform us of her new salary using WP Online.

Provide a reference for your FDWShow

You can let us know if you wish to be a reference for your helper.

The prospective employer or employment agency can contact you to find out about your helper’s conduct, character, work attitude or performance.

Leave your contact details using the online feedback and indicate “Reference for FDW” in the message.

Include the following information:

  • Helper’s name and Work Permit number or FIN.
  • Employer’s name and employer’s NRIC or FIN.
  • Employer’s contact number or email.

We will do the following:

  • Inform the prospective employer or employment agency that we have received feedback about the FDW.
  • Release your contact details to the prospective employer or employment agency if they wish to find out more.

If a prospective employer decides to employ the FDW in spite of the feedback, we will process the application. We will only ban an FDW from employment if she is charged and found guilty of an offence under Singapore law.

If an FDW is pregnantShow

You need to notify MOM through iSubmit or using our online feedback.

Include the following information:

  • Name of FDW.
  • Work Permit number.
  • Doctor’s letter confirming the pregnancy and her expected delivery date.
  • Citizenship of the FDW’s spouse (if applicable).

If an FDW goes missingShow

You must file a missing person police report and cancel the Work Permit within 1 week of knowing that your helper is missing. If not, it is against the law and you will continue to be charged levy for the helper.

After cancellation, you have 1 month to find the helper. If you have made reasonable effort to locate her but she is not found by then, half of the security bond ($2,500) will be forfeited.

Appeal for refund of forfeited security bond

If your missing helper has been found and sent home, you can appeal for a refund of the forfeited security bond.

Death of an FDWShow

To report a death:

  1. Contact the police immediately.
  2. Send the following information to us within 12 hours of knowing about the death:
    • Your name and contact number.
    • Your foreign domestic worker’s name and Work Permit number.
  3. Cancel the work permit immediately after you have informed MOM about the death of foreign domestic worker. Upload a copy of the following documents when cancelling:
    • Death certificate.
    • Cremation certificate (if the body has been cremated in Singapore), or the airway bill (if the body has been sent back to home country).