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Transfer a migrant domestic worker (MDW) directly to a new employer

To transfer an MDW directly, both the new and current employers must carry out certain steps.

If you are the current employer

You need to:

  1. Send the helper for her 6-monthly medical examination if you have not done so.
  2. Log in to our FDW eService to approve the transfer request from the new employer. Please wait for the request which will be emailed to you before you log in to approve it.
  3. Pay levy up till the date the new employer issues the Work Permit. 

    Once the new Work Permit is issued, the current one will be automatically cancelled and your levy billing will stop. 
  4. Cut the cancelled Work Permit card in half and discard it to prevent misuse.

We will discharge the security bond 1 week after the helper starts working for the new employer. We will inform you of the discharge by post.

If you are the new employer

You need to carry out these steps in sequence.

Note: The first 2 steps must be completed 30 days before the helper’s Work Permit expires.

Step When to do it Result
Check with the current employer that the helper has gone for her 6-monthly medical examination. At least 30 days before the helper’s Work Permit expires Ensure the helper has done her 6-monthly medical examination.

Log in to our FDW eService to request for the current employer’s consent for the transfer. 

Once consent is given, you can proceed to apply for the helper’s Work Permit

At least 30 days before the helper’s Work Permit expires

Receive outcome and in-principle approval (IPA) within 1 week.

Log in to our FDW eService to print the Declaration form.

Both you and the helper need to sign it.

When you receive the IPA Declaration form that is signed by you and the helper.

Contact the current employer to arrange the date for the helper’s transfer. 

On the agreed transfer date, use our FDW eService to do the following:

  1. Get the new Work Permit issued.
  2. Upload the Declaration form.
  3. Print the Temporary Work Permit.
Agreed transfer date Give the Temporary Work Permit to the helper so that she can start working for you.

Her current Work Permit will be automatically cancelled.

The due date to get the new Work Permit issued is one of the following dates, whichever is earlier:

  • 21 days from Work Permit approval
  • Current Work Permit expiry date 

Change the transfer date

Processing time: Immediate

As the new employer, you can request to change the transfer date if both you and the current employer agree to it.

You can delay the transfer date by:

  1. Extending the IPA expiry date using our FDW eService.  
  2. Print the updated IPA letter which will show the new due date for the Work Permit issuance. 

An employer who had paid for the costs of his/her MDW’s stay at a dedicated Stay-Home Notice (SHN) facility and related COVID-19 tests, and who is transferring his/her MDW to a new employer can share such costs with the new employer. To do so, they must follow MOM’s Criteria and Guidelines for Sharing of Stay-Home Notice and Related COVID-19 Tests Costs.