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Employment Agency Regulatory Framework

Access resources to find out more about the Employment Agency Regulatory Framework.

MOM implemented the Employment Agency Regulatory Framework on 1 April 2011 to raise the productivity of the workforce with an effective employment agency industry.

The objectives of the EA regulatory framework are to:

  • Tighten enforcement against unlicensed and errant employment agencies.
  • Raise professionalism and accountability of industry stakeholders.
  • Ensure provisions and processes are relevant to today’s context.
  • Offer flexibility to cater to different needs in the industry.


The benefits of the framework are as follows:

  • Build confidence in the professionalism of the employment agency industry and legitimate employment agencies.
  • Provide employers with greater transparency in the recruitment process.
  • Keep out unlicensed players from the industry and hold all employment agency personnel accountable for their actions.


To find out more about the regulatory framework, see the following resources:


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