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Transfer an employment agency licence

If your employment agency is registered as a sole proprietorship or partnership, you can transfer your employment agency licence to another person to take over the employment agency.

Who can transfer a licence

Only employment agencies (EA) registered as a sole proprietorship or partnership with ACRA can transfer their licence to another person to take over the employment agency. Companies or limited liability partnerships are not allowed to do so.

How to transfer a licence

To transfer your licence:

  1. Prepare a declaration stating your intention to sell or hand over the business to the proposed licensee. Email it to
  2. The proposed licensee must apply for a new EA licence using GoBusiness Licensing. Use the existing business ACRA number and attach the declaration.
  3. Once the proposed licensee gets in-principle approval, you need to terminate your licence using GoBusiness Licensing. This will be taken as your consent for the transfer of licence.

Your existing licence will be terminated once the new licence is issued.

If you have an existing WP Online account

If you currently subscribe to WP Online, you will need to apply for a new WP Online account under the new licence number.

Once your new licence is effective, you will not be able to log in to the WP Online account under your old licence number.

Before your new licence is effective:

  • You should print out all outstanding Work Permit application forms and in-principle approval letters under your existing licence.
  • Stop submitting any new Work Permit applications 3 days before your new licence becomes effective.