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Apply for an employment agency licence

At a glance

Who can apply

The following key appointment holders can apply:

  • Owner (for sole-proprietorship and partnership)
  • Managing director and director (for company)
  • Partner (for limited liability partnership)
  • General partner (for limited partnership)

Use the EA self-assessment tool to check your eligibility.

Check if you need CEI before you apply.

How much it costs

When you apply: $400.

When the licence is issued: $100.

Fees are non-refundable.

How long it takes

For in-principle approval (IPA): 7 working days.

For processing documents: 7 working days.

For issuing the licence: 3 working days upon receipt of documents.

Validity 3 years.
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These are the steps for applying:

  1. Apply for CEI, if needed.
  2. Submit an application.
  3. Submit security bond and banker’s guarantee documents.
  4. Get the licence issued.

Submit the application

Processing time: 7 working days

To submit an EA licence application:

  1. Log in to GoBusiness Licensing to apply.
  2. Pay the $400 fee online.
  3. When you get an IPA notification by email or SMS, log in to GoBusiness Licensing to download the IPA document.

The IPA is valid for 4 weeks. Once it lapses, you must make a new application.

You are not allowed to operate an employment agency yet. The IPA only facilitates your banker’s guarantee and setting up the employment agency.
You can choose your preferred mode of contact in GoBusiness Licensing.

Submit security bond and banker’s guarantee documents

When: Within 4 weeks of in-principle approval

After receiving your IPA letter, you need to buy the security bond (in the form of a banker’s guarantee) and submit the required forms and documents. You need to do this within 4 weeks of getting the IPA.

To submit the documents:

  1. Complete the Security Bond and Banker’s Guarantee forms.
    • Please use the forms provided. Any other format of the BG will be rejected.
    • The start date of the Banker’s Guarantee and Security Bond forms should be your IPA expiry date.
  2. Bring your IPA letter and Banker’s Guarantee Form to any bank to get the guarantee.
  3. Submit the Security Bond form, Banker’s Guarantee form and other required documents by post to:

    Licensing Branch
    Foreign Manpower Management Division
    MOM Services Centre
    1500 Bendemeer Road
    Level 2
    Singapore 339946

It takes 7 working days to process your documents. If successful, you will receive a notification from GoBusiness Licensing stating that your application is approved, pending payment for issuing the licence.

You must use the Security Bond and Banker’s Guarantee forms provided. Any other format of the form will be rejected.

Get the licence issued

Processing time: 3 working days

To get the licence issued:

  1. Log in to GoBusiness Licensing and pay the $100 issuance fee via PayPal.
  2. (Optional) Once licence is issued, log in to GoBusiness Licensing to print your e-licence.

You can start operating your employment agency only after the licence is issued.

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