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Register employment agency personnel

Employment agencies must register all their key appointment holders and other personnel. If you are under a Comprehensive Licence (All), Comprehensive Licence (Local) or Comprehensive Licence (non-FDW), each candidate must also be certified to be registered.

At a glance

Who needs to be registered All key appointment holders and other employment agency (EA) personnel performing EA work.
Who can apply for registration

The following key appointment holders can apply:

  • Owner (for sole-proprietorship or partnership).
  • Managing director and director (for company).
  • Partner (for limited liability partnership).
How much it costs $160 (non-refundable).
How long it takes 7 working days, unless more information is required.
Validity Valid until de-registered.


  • Candidates need to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Each key appointment holder and EA personnel can only be registered to a single EA at any point.
  • For EAs with any of the Comprehensive Licences, each key appointment holder must attain the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI) before registration. Other EA personnel need to be certified within 1 month of registration.

How to register

To apply for registration:

  1. Log in to GoBusiness Licensing to apply.
  2. Submit the candidate’s information and documents:
    • Name and NRIC.
    • Mobile number and email address.
    • Soft copy of the candidate’s photograph (taken on a white background).
    • Scanned copy of the candidate’s NRIC or valid work pass.
  3. Pay the $160 fee online.

Note: You need to submit all required documents within 1 month of applying. Otherwise your application will lapse and the fees paid will not be refunded.

The applicant will be notified of the outcome by email or SMS, as indicated in GoBusiness Licensing.

You can choose your preferred mode of contact in GoBusiness Licensing.

After registration

Those who are successfully registered will receive a registration number and their information will be uploaded to MOM’s EA directory.

You can also update an EA personnel's particulars in GoBusiness Licensing.

Issue staff registration cards

You are required to give all registered personnel a registration card that meets the specifications in the Employment Agencies Rules 2011.

All EA personnel are required to show their registration card to clients and allow clients to take down any information on the card. Failure to issue the card in the prescribed format is an offence.

Download the sample registration card and registration card template.