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De-register employment agency personnel

You must de-register your employment agency personnel if they no longer work for the employment agency or if they stop doing EA work.

At a glance

When to de-register

3 working days after the employment agency (EA) personnel:

  • Is no longer working at the EA.
  • Has stopped performing EA work, even if still employed at the EA.
Who can de-register

For de-registration in GoBusiness Licensing, only licensees or the following authorised filers can apply:

  • Owner (for business).
  • Managing director and director (for company).
  • Partner or manager (for limited liability partnership).

For a limited partnership, only the general partner can de-register. De-registration must be done manually.

How long it takes De-registration is immediate.

How to de-register EA personnel

For a business, company or limited liability partnership, the licensee or an authorised filer can de-register the EA personnel online through GoBusiness Licensing.