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Are employment agencies (EAs) allowed to charge foreign workers fees for work pass renewals?

MOM takes a firm stance against excessive fees charged to foreign workers to safeguard workers from exploitation. Any fees beyond the stated caps are exploitative and against the law.

Employers are responsible for paying administrative costs, including levy and fees for work pass applications and renewals, as they are part of the cost of employing a foreign worker. They are not allowed to recover the fees (directly or indirectly) from their foreign employees.

Likewise, EAs should not be recovering such fees from workers. EAs that do so would be considered to be committing or abetting an offence.

EAs are also not allowed to charge agency fees for work pass renewals.

Foreign workers who are pressured to pay money to their employers or EAs to continue working in Singapore should seek help from MOM immediately. They should contact MOM to report the matter. All information will be kept strictly confidential.