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Terminate an employment agency licence

Businesses, companies and limited liability partnerships can terminate their employment agency licence online. Limited partnerships need to terminate their licences in writing.

At a glance

When to terminate

When the employment agency (EA) is no longer operating.

You still need to terminate your licence even if your ACRA termination has been approved.

Who can terminate

For termination in GoBusiness Licensing, only licensees or the following authorised filers can apply:

  • business: owner.
  • Company: Managing director and director
  • Limited liability partnership: partner, manager.

For limited partnership, only the general partner can terminate a licence. Termination must be done manually.

How long it takes Termination is immediate.

How to terminate an EA licence

For a business, company or limited liability partnership, the licensee or an authorised filer can terminate the EA licence online through GoBusiness Licensing.

A limited partnership can terminate its licence by writing to the following address:

Employment Agency Licensing Branch
Foreign Manpower Management Division
MOM Services Centre
1500 Bendemeer Road
Level 2
Singapore 339946


  • If you subscribe to Work Permit Online or Employment Pass Online, you have to terminate these accounts separately.
  • Your security bond and banker’s guarantee will be discharged 6 months after termination. This is to hold your employment agency against any continued liabilities, which includes responsibility to refund fees to any applicant who has been placed for employment.