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Medical insurance requirements for migrant workers

You need to buy a medical insurance plan for each migrant worker you employ. You also need to submit the insurance details online before the Work Permit can be issued.

What it should cover

As an employer, you must buy and maintain medical insurance coverage of at least $15,000 per year for each Work Permit and S Pass holder.

You do not need to buy medical insurance if the Work Permit holder is also holding a Dependant’s Pass and already has a medical insurance plan that meets the minimum mandatory coverage of $15,000 per year. The insurance plan has to cover the full period of the Work Permit validity.

The insurance should cover inpatient care and day surgery, including hospital bills for conditions that may not be work-related.

You can have a co-pay arrangement with the Work Permit holder only if all of the following are met:

  • The co-pay amount is reasonable and does not exceed 10% of the worker’s monthly salary.
  • The duration of co-payment does not exceed 6 months.
  • The co-payment option is explicitly in the employment contract or collective agreement and has the worker’s full consent.

Submit insurance details

You need to submit medical insurance details online before you request to issue or renew a Work Permit, and when the details change.

To update the information, log in to WP Online.

You need to keep the following information up to date:

  • Name of insurer
  • Insurance policy number
  • Insurance policy commencement date
  • Insurance policy expiry date