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Basic-Skilled workers for construction sector

Migrant workers in the construction sector need to attain Basic-Skilled status to work in Singapore.

All non-Malaysian workers must have the Skills Evaluation Certificate to qualify as Basic-Skilled construction workers.

What is the Skills Evaluation Certificate

The Skills Evaluation Certificate (SEC) and Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge) (SEC(K)) schemes are initiatives by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to raise skills, productivity and safety in the construction sector.

Who needs the certificate

Depending on which country they are from, workers require the following certificates:

Source country Certificates required before working in Singapore
Non-traditional source (NTS) and People's Republic of China (PRC) workers Must have SEC or SEC(K)
North Asian source (NAS) Must have SEC or SEC(K)
Malaysian workers Must have one of the following:
  • SPM or equivalent
  • SEC
  • SEC(K)

  • From 7 May 2021, BCA and MOM will introduce a temporary 6-month scheme to allow new PRC workers to obtain their skills certification in Singapore. This means employers can bring in PRC workers without skills certification if they meet the entry approval and all other work pass requirements.
  • The workers will need to get their certification within 3 months after their Work Permit is issued. Otherwise they will be charged the unskilled worker levy rate of $950, and the Work Permit cannot be renewed as long as the worker does not attain the skills certification.
  • For example, if the worker only manages to get the skills certification 7 months after the Work Permit is issued, the revised levy rate of $700 will apply only during the first 3 months of the Work Permit and upon getting skills certification. The differences in levy rates paid in the 4 months in between these two periods will not be refunded.
  • Employers can submit their applications to BCA’s Approved Training and Testing Centres from 7 May 2021. Please refer to the joint BCA-MOM circular and FAQs for more information. For enquiries, please contact BCA.

Getting the certificate

When your prior approval (PA) is approved, use the original PA and the attached Form T1 to register the NTS or PRC workers for the SEC(K) test. You should do this as soon as possible at the selected overseas BCA test centres.

Make sure the PA is valid for at least 2 months from the closing dates of the tests.

For details on the test fees and registration, call the BCA Academy at 6248 9868.

Note: Upon the workers' arrival in Singapore, bring them to the Trade Enrolment Unit of the BCA Academy to verify their identities. You should do this within 4 months after the SEC(K) test is taken.