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Hiring an existing manufacturing or services worker

With effect from 2 March 2020, a temporary scheme will be introduced to help companies in the manufacturing and services sectors to manage the manpower disruptions due to COVID-19. This scheme has been extended until 28 February 2022, subject to further review.

At a glance

Who are eligible Existing manufacturing and services workers from non-traditional source (NTS), North Asian sources or People’s Republic of China (PRC). You can only hire from your own business sector.
When you can start applying
  • With the current employer’s agreement: Any time while their Work Permit is valid.
  • Otherwise: Starting from40 days before their current Work Permit expires.
Last day to apply 21 days before the current Work Permit expires. For applications after this date, employers can contact the Singapore Business Federation at, or visit the SBF ManpowerConnect website.
How long it takes Within 1 week, unless more information is required.

Why hire an existing worker

You may consider hiring workers who are already working in Singapore to:

  • Benefit from experienced workers and a faster deployment time.
  • Save on the cost of bringing in new workers.