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Hiring an existing manufacturing or services worker

With effect from 2 March 2020, a temporary scheme will be introduced to help companies in the manufacturing and services sectors to manage the manpower disruptions due to COVID-19. This scheme will be effective for 6 months, subject to further review.

How to apply

Singapore Business Federation (SBF) will be facilitating the transfer for interested companies who may want to hire or transfer their excess PRC Work Permit holders. Employers can approach the SBF at manpowerconnect@sbf.org.sg.

Companies will have to mutually agree on a suitable transfer arrangement for the workers. Upon SBF informing MOM of the transfer arrangement, the new employer can proceed to submit a new work permit application for the PRC Work Permit holder without the worker having to exit Singapore. All prevailing work permit criteria apply for new applications.

You can find out more about this scheme.