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Hiring an existing manufacturing or services worker

From 1 July 2022, the scheme to allow workers to change employers 40 to 21 days before their Work Permit expires will be made permanent. During this window, a new employer can hire the worker without the need for the current employer's consent.

At a glance

Who are eligible Existing manufacturing and services workers from non-traditional source (NTS), North Asian sources or People's Republic of China (PRC). You can only hire from your own business sector.
When you can start applying
  • With the current employer's agreement: Any time while their Work Permit is valid. You can apply using WP Online. If you wish to hire a worker whose Work Permit is expiring in less than 20 days, you first need to apply for pre-approval from MOM.
  • Without the current employer's agreement: From 40 to 21 days before their current Work Permit expires. You first need to apply for pre-approval from MOM.
How long it takes Within 1 week, unless more information is required.

Why hire an existing worker

You may consider hiring workers who are already working in Singapore to:

  • Benefit from experienced workers and a faster deployment time.
  • Save on the cost of bringing in new workers.