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Service is online

24 hours

  • Please access WP Online using a desktop or laptop, instead of a mobile phone or tablet. Mobile browsers are not supported.
  • After you have logged in to WP Online, avoid performing any of the following actions on your browser to prevent from being logged out:
    • Using the ‘Back’ or ‘Forward’ button
    • Refreshing the WP Online page
    • Opening multiple tabs of WP Online
    • Closing the browser while a document upload or payment is in progress

Log in once every 3 months

You are encouraged to log in at least once every 3 months to ensure there are no irregular transactions. Accounts without activity for 12 months will be terminated.

You must register for a WP Online account before you can log in.

No need to endorse forms using a company stamp

You don’t need to endorse forms using your company stamp. If the form still has the company stamp section, please ignore it.

eService operating hours

Transactions Availability
Apply, Enquire and Cancel
  • Every day, except 3am to 4am
Renew and Issue
  • Every day, except 3am to 4am
Remaining services
  • Monday to Saturday: 8am to 10pm
  • Except public holidays

Who is eligible to be a WP Online Administrator or User?Show

Only the following persons are eligible to be the Administrator or User:

  • A business owner. You must be a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or hold an EntrePass under this company.
  • An employee of a registered business. You must be a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.
  • A foreign employee of a registered business. You must hold an Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass (PEP), or S Pass issued under this company.
  • Outsourced party performing transactions on behalf of their client. The client must submit the authorisation form before applying access for the outsourced party. Examples of eligible outsourced parties are:

An outsourced party has to meet both criteria:

  • Is employed by a company or owns a company
  • The company’s primary business activity needs to be under any of these Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC).
    SSIC Description
    69100 Legal Activities
    69201 Accounting And Auditing Services (Including Taxation Advisory Services)
    69202 Book-Keeping Services
    70201 Business And Management Consultancy Services (General)
    70204 Human Resource Consultancy Services
    70209 Business And Management Consultancy Services N.E.C
    78300 Management Of Human Resource Functions
    82110 Office Administrative Services On A Fee Or Contract Basis (EG Billing And Record Keeping)
    82199 Other Specialised Office Support Activities N.E.C
    96099 Other Personal Service Activities N.E.C

What is the difference between an Administrator and a User?Show

The administrator can:
  • Perform work pass transactions in WP Online.
  • Grant access to the company’s employees as WP Online Users.
  • Terminate Users’ access if they leave the company or no longer need access.

You should appoint a second administrator. This will minimise any disruption to your business in case one of the administrators is not around or leaves the company.

Check if you can access WP OnlineShow

To access WP Online, ensure both conditions are met:

  1. You must be an active Corppass Admin or User.

    Ensure Work Permit Online (WPOL) and Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR) is listed as one of your assigned eServices. Otherwise, contact your Corppass Admin User or Sub-Admin User to assign the eService to you.

  2. You must be an active WP Online Administrator or User.

    If you are not an active WP Online Administrator or User, contact your WP Online Administrator to add you through ‘Manage User Access’ in WP Online. If you only have 1 WP Online Administrator and the person has already left the company, you must submit a request to change administrator immediately.

    Don’t have a WP Online account? Register online.

What are the browser requirements?Show

You can use the following web browsers:

  • Firefox version 24 or higher
  • Chrome version 30 or higher
  • Safari version 7 or higher

For details on technical requirements, read the recommended PC configuration and technical guidelines.

What transactions can I do in WP Online?Show

You can use WP Online to perform the following transactions for workers employed by businesses:

  • Apply for a Work Permit 
  • Issue a Work Permit 
  • Renew a Work Permit 
  • Cancel a Work Permit 
  • Reinstate a Work Permit 
  • Apply to replace a Work Permit card


  • To perform Work Permit transactions for helpers, please use our FDW eService instead. 
  • Resident and common contractors in the ship-building or ship-repairing industry cannot apply for or get a Work Permit issued. They must approach their shipyard for these transactions.

What payment methods can I use to pay for work pass administrative fees?Show

You can pay with:

  • GIRO
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Internet Direct Debit