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Onboard centre

Non-Malaysian Work Permit holders in the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors and holding an in-principle approval (IPA) will undergo residential onboarding programme at MOM’s Onboard centre.

  • From 19 September 2023, employers in the CMP sectors will only be allowed to bring their non-Malaysian Work Permit holders into Singapore after receiving approval from MOM for their workers' pre-entry housing check.
  • Onboard bookings for dates on or after 19 September 2023 will be checked to ensure that employers have this approval. MOM may cancel the Onboard bookings of employers without this approval.

Onboard centre requirements

Newly-arrived Work Permit holders must undergo the residential onboarding programme at our Onboard centre if they meet all the criteria below:

  • Male non-Malaysian
  • Hold an in-principle approval (IPA)
  • In the Construction, Marine Shipyard or Process (CMP) sector

Ensure that your workers complete the onboarding programme to avoid disruptions to your work pass transactions or having your security bond forfeited.

Find out what to do if your worker did not attend the Onboard programme.

At a glance

When to attend Immediately upon your workers' arrival in Singapore (i.e. on the same date). The programme lasts 3 days.
Where is it Onboard@Sengkang West
20A Seletar West Road 1, Singapore 798991
See detailed directions
Fees and payment

Fees include the cost of services, food and accommodation at the Onboard centre. Fees and services are subject to change based on prevailing requirements.

MOM will email you the fees once your workers complete their programme. Pay by the stated date to avoid a late payment fee.

Learn more about fees and payment.

Book an Onboard centre slot


  • To book an Onboard slot for check-in on or after 19 September 2023, you need to first submit proof of acceptable accommodation for your worker and receive the pre-entry housing check approval from MOM.
  • If you make a booking without the pre-entry housing check approval, your worker's Onboard slot will be cancelled. If you bring your worker into Singapore without such approval, your company's work pass privileges may be suspended.

Book a slot via one of the Onboard booking system links below for male non-Malaysian workers from:

To make a booking:

1. Log in using Corppass. For first time users, check that you have BookingSG assigned to your Corppass account for eService access.

2. Select a slot for your booking. The earliest available slot will be 4 days from the date of booking. For example, if you book on a Monday, the earliest available slot will be on Friday, not Thursday.

3. Choose a date that is on the same date as their arrival. You should secure a slot before booking their flights.

4. Ensure that they meet the vaccination requirements for work passes before entering Singapore.

Read our step-by-step guide on using the Onboard booking system.

Prepare for your worker's arrival

You need to make the following preparations for your workers who are scheduled to arrive in Singapore.

Ensure they have the required documents and items

Ensure that your workers carry the following when they arrive at the Onboard centre:

  • Pre-entry housing approval letter from MOM
  • IPA letter - employee's copy (full set)
  • Printout of Onboard booking confirmation email
  • Documentary proof of vaccination
  • A working smartphone to download essential mobile applications. Your workers will receive a free mobile phone SIM card at the Onboard centre. You may check with them for their new phone number
Arrange transport from the airport You must arrange for your own transport to send your workers directly from the airport to the Onboard centre.

At the Onboard centre

Your workers will undergo a residential onboarding programme at the Onboard centre for 3 days.

 Workers must wear masks at the Onboard centre to maintain vigilance against potential COVID-19 variants from other countries.

Find out what will take place on each day:

Day 1: COVID-19 test on arrivalShow

You will transport your workers straight from the airport to the Onboard centre.

Upon check-in, we will verify that your workers have obtained the necessary documents and have a valid booking slot for the day.

Your workers will then undergo an Antigen Rapid Test (ART).

Day 2: Vaccination check and medical examShow

We will verify your workers' overseas vaccination records and conduct an enhanced medical examination.

For vaccination records:

If required or eligible, your workers will be offered the following COVID-19 vaccinations:

  • Primary dose, if their serology result is negative or they did not take WHO-approved vaccines
  • Booster dose

Day 3: Settling-in Programme and check outShow

Your workers will attend a full day Settling-in Programme class.

Pick up your workers at the date and time provided by our Onboard centre representative by email or call. 

Do verify your worker's identity during check-out.

Late check-outs may incur additional charges billed to your company.

Workers who have completed the Settling-in Programme at our Onboard centre are not required to attend the same programme with the Migrant Workers’ Centre (Recreation Club @ Soon Lee).

After leaving the Onboard centre

After your migrant workers have checked out of the Onboard centre, you must follow up with the below requirements.

Download essential appsShow

You need to ensure your workers download and use these applications:

  • FWMOMCare – To access telemedicine and contact MOM
  • SGWorkPass – To check validity of work passes and salary information

Get your workers' Work Permits issued within 14 daysShow

Find out how to get their Work Permit issued.

Your workers must also complete the rest of the post-arrival procedures in the IPA letter in these 14 days.

Receive your workers' medical examination resultsShow

You should receive your workers' complete medical examination report by email from our appointed medical service provider within 3 working days after check out.

Some medical reports may take longer if there are results that require further review.

The report will clearly indicate whether your workers are certified fit for work.

If you did not receive the report, check the "junk mail" folder. If your worker's report is not ready and their IPA is expiring, you can request to extend it.
For any clarifications, contact the medical service provider directly at:

Medical service provider Operating hours
Fullerton Healthcare Group
9088 7391

Monday to Sunday
9.00am to 4.00pm

If your workers are eligible for the Primary Care Plan, the cost of the medical examination will be deducted from the charges for PCP.

(If required) Arrange for a follow-up medical examinationShow

You need to arrange for a follow-up medical examination for your worker if there are abnormal findings (except colour vision).

A referral memo will be attached to the medical examination report.

You need to:

1. Download and print the undertaking letter provided in the email.

2. Acknowledge the medical condition.

3. Send your worker for their follow-up examination at the medical centre or designated clinics you have bought a Primary Care Plan with.

You are strongly encouraged to book their appointment within the recommended date on the referral memo, or latest within 3 months of the initial medical examination.

4. Sign the undertaking letter.

5. Submit the undertaking letter on WP Online.

(If your worker missed the SIP) Wait for instructions on booking a replacement SIP classShow

MOM will email you to inform you if your worker missed the SIP class at the Onboard centre. This could be due to hospitalisation or a lack of understanding of the available classroom languages.

Do wait for an email from the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) with instructions on how to book an SIP slot at the Recreation Club @ Soon Lee.

No additional fees will be required for this booking.

Do not make a booking directly on MWC’s website.

Fees and payment for Onboard centre

The fees are dependent on the duration of stay and services used. For workers who checked in from 17 August 2023 onwards and have completed the residential onboarding programme:

Duration of stay Fee (inclusive of GST)
3 days, 2 nights stay

$320 to $390

After your worker checks out of Onboard centre, you will receive an email invoice from PaySG with the exact fees you need to pay.

To make payment:

  1. Click on the PaySG payment link.
  2. Verify the list of pass holders who went through the Onboard centre. You may verify the worker's name and FIN registered under your company against the invoice.
  3. Proceed to make payment.

Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the tax invoice or receipt.

If payment is not made by the due date stated in the invoice, you may be charged a late payment fee of 8.1% per annum on the amount due.