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Cross-deploying a construction or process sector worker

If you are in the construction or process sector, you can temporarily deploy your migrant workers to another contractor in the same sector during a lull period.

What is cross-deployment

With cross-deployment, you can post your construction or process workers to work for another company in the same industry during lull periods.

You can cross-deploy workers only if you are in the construction or process industry. The workers must perform similar work within the same industry.

What to do for cross-deployment

If you are the original employer, you still need to:

  • Pay the workers' salaries and levies.
  • Provide housing and workmen’s insurance for them.

You will continue to be responsible for the well-being and maintenance of your cross-deployed workers. In addition, there should only be one standing contract of deployment at any one time. 

Before cross-deployment, verify that the other company is eligible to take in workers. You can do the verification using WP Online. Click Enquire Employer Eligibility for Cross Deployment of Construction/Process Workers.

For more details on cross-deployment of construction workers, refer to the additional regulatory conditions found in Part V of the Fourth Schedule of the Conditions of Work Passes.