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Work Permit: hiring an existing marine shipyard worker

You can hire existing workers without them having to leave Singapore first. Find out the requirements and how to apply.

From 1 April 2020, a temporary scheme will allow you to hire existing non-Malaysian workers from other sectors. This scheme has been extended until 28 February 2021: 

  • For transfers of Work Permit holders with more than 40 days or less than 21 days to Work Permit expiry, you can register your interest with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) at, or visit SBF’s website for more information. You need to get a written agreement from the current employer.

  • For transfers of Work Permit holders with 40 to 21 days left to Work Permit expiry, you can submit your request to MOM online. You do not need the agreement of the current employer.

  • All prevailing work permit criteria will apply for hiring a new worker in your sector. You can also find out more about the scheme.

At a glance

Types of transfer How to apply
With current employer’s written agreement

To hire a worker from the marine shipyard sector, you need to

  1. Make sure that the worker's current Work Permit is valid.
  2. Submit a new Work Permit application on WP Online for the worker at least 21 days before it expires. 

For non-Malaysians, their current work permit will be automatically cancelled when the new one is issued. The copy of the written agreement must be produced for document verification.

From 40 to 21 days before Work Permit expiry, no agreement needed Apply for pre-approval with MOM to hire non-Malaysian Work Permit holders from all sectors. (Temporary scheme effective till 28 February 2021.)

You can register your interest with the Associations of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) at, or visit the ASMI’s website for more information.

If you require prior approval (PA) for the Work Permit application, please choose PA type as “New” when you apply through WP Online.