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In-principle support (IPS) for process maintenance workers

If your company is in the process sector and wishes to employ process maintenance workers from non-traditional source countries or China, you will need to get in-principle support before applying for their Work Permits.

At a glance

Who can apply Employer
When to apply Before applying or renewing Work Permit
How long it takes Within 2 weeks
Related form IPS application form

What is in-principle support

In-principle support (IPS) applies to process maintenance workers from non-traditional source (NTS) countries and the People's Republic of China (PRC).

If you are an employer in the process sector, you need to get IPS to employ these workers at the lower levy rates.

You don’t need an IPS for:

  • NTS or PRC workers who have worked in Singapore for at least 2 years.
  • Workers from Malaysia and North Asian sources (NAS).

In-principle support indicates:

  • How many workers you can get from these countries.
  • How many workers can get their Work Permits renewed.

IPS is given based on:

  • Type of process work the workers need to do.
  • Value of the project.
  • Duration of the project.

When to apply for IPS

You need to apply for IPS before you submit a new or renewal Work Permit application for NTS or PRC workers under process maintenance.

For a new IPS application, submit a request at least 3 months before you want the workers to be in Singapore.

For an IPS renewal, submit a request at least 3 months before the Work Permit expires.

Apply for IPS

To apply for IPS:

  1. Download and complete the IPS application form as a softcopy.
  2. Print the application form and get it signed.
  3. Post the completed application and required documents to:

    Construction and Process Section
    Work Pass Division
    Ministry of Manpower
    18 Havelock Road
    Singapore 059764
  4. You will receive the result by post within 2 weeks.

Appeal a rejected IPS application

You can appeal a rejected IPS application, stating reasons for the appeal. You must make the appeal within 1 month from the date of rejection.

Submit your appeal through iSubmit. Under Request Type, choose option 6 and upload your appeal and any supporting documents.

Cancel or withdraw an IPS

You can cancel or withdraw an IPS application by writing to us using your business email account or company letterhead.

Your request should state the reasons for cancellation or withdrawal, and the name and designation of the requestor.