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Work Permit: notify MOM

If you employ Work Permit holders, you need to notify MOM of changes during their employment, including updates to company name and address, worker's occupation, passport details, and residential address.

You will need to notify MOM in these situations:

Change in business entityShow

You need to inform us if your company is undergoing the following changes that result in a change in the CPF submission number:

  • Changing to another type of business entity (e.g. from a sole proprietorship to private limited company), where at least one of the directors, partners or sole proprietors will move to the new entity.
  • Undergoing full merger, acquisition or amalgamation of entities.
  • Renewing a business registration with a different Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) number while keeping the company name.

How to apply

To update your business entity:

  1. Declare your business activity for the new business entity (with a new CPF submission number).
  2. Complete the request form for change of business entity.
  3. Submit a scanned copy of the request form, together with the required documents stated on the form, using iSubmit, choose option 6.

Your request will be processed within 14 working days.

Upon approval:

  • There will be a one-time transfer of all your workers to the new business entity.
  • Your old business entity will no longer be able to apply for foreign employees.
  • You will need to get new security bonds for all non-Malaysian Work Permit holders.
If you are transferring Work Permit holders because two companies are undergoing a full merger, acquisition or amalgamation, you should change your business entity instead.

A Work Permit holder can be transferred to a related company (e.g. subsidiary or parent company). You can get this done by following the steps below.

For non-Malaysian Work Permit holders

  1. You need to request for your Work Permit holders to be allowed to remain in Singapore during the transfer. Send us the following documents using iSubmit (choose Option 6):
    • A letter from the related company stating the reasons for the request.
    • A letter from the current company stating the consent to the transfer.
  2. After it is approved, get the related company to apply for a new Work Permit for the employee. Ensure that the company has sufficient quota.
  3. The existing Work Permit will be automatically cancelled once the related company gets the new Work Permit issued.

For Malaysian Work Permit holders

  1. Get the related company to apply for a new Work Permit for the employee. Ensure that the company has sufficient quota.
  2. Cancel the existing Work Permit when the employment ends. Cancellation must be done before the new employer requests to issue the new Work Permit.

Change in company's name or contact detailsShow

If your company changes its name or contact details (e.g. address, phone number or email address), you must update the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board.

The CPF Board will then inform us of these changes. This will ensure that you continue to receive important messages and correspondences from us.

Note: If your company is also changing its business entity (i.e. leading to a change in its CPF submission number or ACRA number), please refer to the above section on change in business entity instead.

Change in worker's address or mobile numberShow

As an employer, you are required to update your Work Permit holders' new residential address or mobile number using the Online Foreign Worker Address Service (OFWAS) within 5 days of the change. The address must meet the housing requirements before you can get it updated.

The Work Permit holders must also update us using the FWMOMCare app within five days of the change. Otherwise, they may be penalised. 

Change in worker's occupationShow

You need to submit a request to us if you want to change the occupation of a Work Permit holder.

You can inform MOM through WP Online.

Change in worker's personal particularsShow

You need to inform us of changes in your worker's personal particulars (e.g. passport details).

Please do so by using WP Online to update the following details for your worker: 

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Passport number or expiry date

Find out how to do the updating using WP Online.

For other details, please submit a request to update the worker’s particulars and upload the relevant supporting documents (e.g. worker’s passport personal particulars page). 

We will inform ICA of your workers’ new personal particulars. If they wish to clear immigration using the automated gates, they can do so 4 working days after you have received our email that their details have been updated.

Change in worker's salaryShow

If you wish to temporarily reduce the salary as a cost-saving measure in view of the COVID-19 situation, you do not need to update us using WP Online. Instead you should notify MOM.

Before you can change your worker's salary, you must:

  1. Get the worker's written consent.
  2. Inform us of the worker's new salary using WP Online.

However, you are not allowed to amend the salary if the Work Permit is not yet issued.

Provide a reference for your workerShow

You can be a reference for your worker's conduct, character, work attitude or performance.

To provide a reference:

  1. Prepare a soft copy letter with your company letterhead. Include the following information in the letter:
    • Worker's name
    • Worker's Work Permit number or FIN
    • Your name, signature, phone number and email
    • Your NRIC or FIN
    • Your job title or position in the company
  2. Submit the letter to us. State "Reference for Work Permit holder" in the message.

We will:

  • Inform anyone who applies for a Work Permit for the worker that we have received feedback.
  • Release your contact details so that they can find out more, if they wish to do so.

The employer can choose to hire the worker even if they receive negative feedback. We will only ban workers from employment if they are charged and found guilty of an offence under Singapore law.

If a worker is pregnantShow

You need to notify MOM.

If the worker is married, include this additional information:

If the worker's spouse is Include this information
Singapore citizen or PR
  • Spouse's full name and NRIC
  • Copy of marriage certificate
EP or S Pass holder
  • Spouse's full name
  • Spouse's FIN or Work Permit number

If a worker goes missingShow

You must do these within 1 week of knowing that your worker is missing:

  1. File a missing person police report.
  2. Cancel the Work Permit.

For a non-Malaysian worker

If the worker is not found within 1 month from the date the Work Permit was cancelled, $2,500 (half of the $5,000 security bond) will be forfeited to cover the repatriation and other related costs.


Death of a worker in SingaporeShow

If your worker passes away in Singapore, you need to:

  1. Cancel the Work Permit within 1 week from the worker's passing. Upload a copy of the following documents when cancelling:
    • Death certificate
    • Airway bill if the ashes or body has been sent back to the home country.
      Burial certificate if the body has been buried in Singapore.
      Cremation certificate if the body has been cremated in Singapore.
  2. Bear the costs of burial, cremation or the return of the body to the country of origin.
  3. Bear the costs of returning the worker's belongings to their families.
  4. Pay any outstanding salaries or payments to the worker's estate, e.g. the worker's next of kin or appointed trustee.