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Designate driving as a secondary job function

You can designate workers to drive as a secondary job function. This is only for workers in the Construction, Process and Marine shipyard sectors.

What are the requirements

You must fulfil all of the following:

  • Worker holds a valid driving licence recognised by the Traffic Police.
  • The driving role must only take up a minor part of the worker’s productive hours.
  • The number of workers that you can designate to drive cannot be more than 20% of your firm’s total workforce.

If approved, these drivers are only allowed to drive cars or light good vehicles, i.e. Class 3 licence. They cannot be deployed to drive Class 4 vehicles, which include tipper trucks or concrete trucks, as these are meant for dedicated, full-time drivers.

How to apply

You can re-designate your existing workers using the “Change Worker’s Occupation” function on WP Online.

For new workers, you can apply for their work permits under one of the following occupations (depending on the sector they are working in):

  • Construction Worker-cum-Driver.
  • Process Maintenance & Construction Worker-cum-Driver.
  • Marine Trades Worker-cum-Driver.