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S Pass: notify MOM

If you are an S Pass holder or employer, find out when and how to notify MOM of changes, including updates to company name and address, occupation, salary and residential address.

You will need to notify MOM in these situations:

Change in company's name or financial informationShow

Who does this: Employer

Update company's name or paid-up capital

To update your company's name or paid-up capital, submit a request.

Update company's turnover

To update your company's turnover, log in to EP Online.

Note: These updates only apply if there is no change in legal entity or registration number.

If your company has a CPF account, you should also inform the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board about the name change.

Change in company addressShow

Who does this: Employer

You can update your company address using EP Online.

If your company has a CPF account, you should also update the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board about the change. This will ensure that you continue to receive important messages and correspondences from us.

Change in business entityShow

Who does this: Employer

You need to inform us if your company is undergoing the following types of changes that will result in the change in the CPF submission numbers:

  • Changing to another type of business entity (e.g. from a sole proprietorship to a private limited company), where at least one of the directors, partners or sole proprietor will move to the new entity.
  • Undergoing full merger, acquisition or amalgamation of entities.
  • Renewing a business registration with a different ACRA number while keeping the company name.

How to apply

To update your business entity:

  1. Declare your Business Activity for the new business entity (with a new CPF submission number).
  2. Complete the Request Form for Change of Business Entity.
  3. Submit a scanned copy of the form using iSubmit. Under Request Type, choose option 6.

Your request will be processed within 14 working days.

Upon approval:

  • There will be a one-time transfer of all your S Pass holders to the new business entity.
  • Your old business entity will no longer be able to apply for work passes.

Who does this: Employer

An S Pass holder can be transferred to a related company in Singapore (i.e. branch, subsidiary, or affiliated company). The current employer will need to follow these steps:

  1. Check with the related company to ensure it has sufficient S Pass quota.
  2. Get the related company to apply for a new S Pass for the pass holder. The related company doesn’t need to advertise the position on MyCareersFuture.
  3. Cancel the existing S Pass when the employment ends. Cancellation must be done before the related company can get the new S Pass issued. 
If you are transferring S Pass holders because two companies are undergoing full merger, acquisition or amalgamation, you should change your business entity instead.

Change in pass holder's salaryShow

Who does this: Employer

As an employer, you must notify us if you lower or raise a pass holder's salary.

If you wish to temporarily reduce the salary as a cost-saving measure in view of the COVID-19 situation, you do not need to update us using EP Online. Instead you should notify MOM.

If you lower the salary

Before you consider lowering the salary, you should use the EP / S Pass self-assessment tool to determine if the pass holder still qualifies for an S Pass at a lower salary.

If the pass holder continues to qualify for the work pass, you can submit the request through EP Online.

You need to submit the request 1 month before the date you intend to lower the salary.

If you don't have an EP Online account, you can submit a request.

If you raise the salary

You don't need to inform us immediately unless you are applying for dependant privileges.

Instead, you can indicate the change in salary when you renew the S Pass.

Applying for dependant privileges

If you are raising the salary in order to apply for dependant privileges, you need to submit a request and upload the following documents:

  • Pass holder's itemised payslips for past 3 months.
  • A clear copy of the pass holder's latest IRAS statement.

Change in pass holder's occupationShow

Who does this: Employer

To update a pass holder's occupation:

  1. Submit a request.
  2. Choose the closest match to the new occupation, from the A-Z list of standard occupations: A-I, J-R, S-Z.
  3. (For some occupations) You need to upload support letter from the respective professional bodies.

We will email you the outcome within 3 weeks.

If a pass holder goes missingShow

Who does this: Employer

To report a missing pass holder, you must make a missing person's police report and cancel the S Pass within 1 week of knowing that the pass holder is missing.

Change in pass holder's residential address and contact detailsShow

Who does this: Employer and pass holder

Either the employer or pass holder must log in to EP Online to update us within 5 days of changing the residential address or personal contact details (e.g. mobile number). The address must meet the housing requirements before you can get it updated.

The acknowledgment page should be printed and kept by the pass holder, together with the pass card.

From 23 December 2020, work pass holders must also update us using the FWMOMCare app within 5 days of any such changes. They may be penalised if they don't. 

Change in pass holder's personal particularsShow

Who does this: Employer or pass holder

You need to inform us of changes in your personal particulars such as passport number, name or marital status.

You can update the passport number and expiry date instantly using EP Online. Written requests to update these two details will no longer be accepted.

To change the following particulars, you will need to submit your request and upload the relevant supporting documents.

To change Supporting documents
  • Pass holder's passport
  • Documents to verify the change in name, e.g. deed poll, marriage certificate
  • Pass holder's passport
Date of birth
  • Pass holder's passport
  • Birth certificate showing date of birth, country of birth and country of origin
Marital status
  • Pass holder's passport
  • Documents to show the change in marital status, e.g. Marriage certificate or divorce papers
  • Pass holder's passport
Country of birth or origin
  • Pass holder's passport
  • Birth certificate showing date of birth, country of birth and country of origin
Malaysian ID details
  • Pass holder's passport
  • Front and back copy of Malaysian identity card

Your request will be processed within 7 working days and the outcome will be posted to you.

We will inform ICA about the changes to passport details. If the pass holder wishes to clear immigration using the automated gates at the checkpoints, they can do so after 4 working days from the update.

Provide a reference for your pass holderShow

You can be a reference for your pass holder's conduct, character, work attitude or performance.

To provide a reference:

  1. Prepare a soft copy letter with your company letterhead. Include the following information in the letter:
    • Pass holder's name and FIN
    • Your name, signature, phone number and email
    • Your NRIC or FIN
    • Your job title or position in the company
  2. Submit the letter to us. State "Reference for Pass holder" in the message.

We will:

  • Inform anyone who applies for a work pass for your ex-work pass holder that we have received feedback.
  • Release your contact details so that they can find out more, if they wish to do so.

The employer can choose to hire the foreigner even if they receive negative feedback. We will only ban foreigners from employment if they are charged and found guilty of an offence under Singapore law.