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What should the family do if an MDW's employer passes away?

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time for the family. MOM recognises that time is needed to settle the immediate issues.

After that, the family of the employer has to do one of the following within one month from the date of passing:

  • Cancel the Work Permit and send the helper home.
  • Transfer the helper to another employer or a family member.

Cancel Work Permit and send her home

To cancel the helper's Work Permit:

  1. Ensure that all issues arising from the employment, including outstanding wages, have been settled with the helper.
  2. After all issues are settled, family members can either:

Transfer to another employer or a family member

The new employer needs to:

  1. Submit an online Work Permit application.
  2. Buy a new insurance package.

New employers can find out more about the steps to transfer the helper. For the transfer request, you will need to get the consent from the late employer's family members.

  • MOM may request for a copy of the employer's death certificate during application or when getting the Work Permit issued.
  • If the employer was 67 years old or above, the levy concession may end.