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Our service commitment

Tips to improve your interactions with MOM.

Help us serve you better

We value your interactions with us. Clear, constructive feedback and suggestions are useful to help us in our regular review of policies, processes, and services.

You can help us serve you better by:

  • Identifying yourself clearly, including your name, NRIC or FIN number, contact details and case reference number.
  • Providing accurate, clear and complete information and documents within the stipulated timeline. This will save time and help you avoid delays in processing your request.
  • Being civil, honest and professional in your dealings with us. Please understand that we will not respond to any person who is abusive, offensive or threatening in language or behaviour.
  • Using the right service channels meant for the services that you need.

When reporting possible offences

Each report filed is treated seriously and we require you to be certain that a violation is being committed before making a report. MOM receives many reports of possible offences, and many of these are subsequently found to be untrue. The effort to investigate false reports should be used more productively on genuine cases.

We seek your help to identify yourself when giving information on possible offences, to enable us to clarify on the information provided. We are not able to act on incomplete or unclear information given to us. You can choose to remain anonymous to the party you are making a report against. If you request this, your identity and the information given will be kept confidential. You don’t need to worry about your privacy as we will not divulge your details without your consent.

We thank you for your civic-mindedness in reporting possible offences. However, to maintain the integrity of investigations, we will not be able to update you on the investigation process and outcomes, unless necessary.

Use eServices where possible

We strongly encourage you to use the eServices available, which are faster and more convenient than in-person interactions. Our main service platforms are:

Check the MOM website

80% of the email, phone and in-person enquiries we receive are answered using information that is available on the MOM website. To save time, you should start by first checking the MOM website. We update our website frequently with the latest information and add useful new tools to help you complete your tasks.

Here are some useful links to our website:

What you can expect from us

We strive to meet the following service standards:

For processing passes, permits and licences

Work pass applications:

Service Processing time
Application for Work Permits

Online: within 1 week for most cases.

Manual: within 3 weeks for most cases.

Application for EP

Online: Processed or given an update within 10 business days.

Application for S Pass

Online: 85% within 3 weeks.

Factory registrations:

Service Processing time
One-time factory registration application Within 7 working days
Renewable factory registration application Within 1 month

Employment agency licences:

Service Processing time
New employment agency licence application Within 7 working days
Issue employment agency licence Within 3 working days of receiving payment

For replying to enquiries or feedback

For this channel We aim to
MOM hotlines

Make our lines accessible.

Call volumes are high, especially from Mondays to Wednesdays. We seek your understanding if you have difficulty getting through to speak to our officers.

Emails Reply to email enquiries within 7 working days.
Mail correspondence
  • Respond to general enquiries within 14 working days.
  • Give an interim reply within 3 working days for hard copy enquiries that are case-specific.
  • Reply to hard copy enquiries that are case-specific within 1 calendar month.

For advisory services

For these customers We aim to
With appointment Serve you promptly at the appointed time you have chosen.
Without appointment

Attend to you as early as we can.
You may have to wait up to 3 hours to be served.

We encourage customers to make an appointment to meet our officers through Zoom Video. Find out how to make a Zoom advisory service appointment.