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MOM accolades

Learn about the MOM initiatives that have won the prestigious United Nations Public Services Award, including the Integrated Work Permit Online Services and Progress Package.

Integrated Work Permit Online Services

The Ministry of Manpower’s Integrated Work Permit Online (WPOL) Services won the 2006 UN Public Service Award in the category “Improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the Public Service”. This initiative helps companies manage their globally mobile workforce by offering a seamless, responsive and efficient processing of work permits.

The key achievements of WPOL are:

  • Faster processing time.
  • Less trips to service counters.
  • Convenience.
  • Minimal paperwork.
  • Greater transparency of policies and operational requirements.

Progress Package

The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Manpower and the Central Provident Fund Board won the 2007 UN Public Service Award in the category “Improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the Public Service” for the Progress Package.

The Progress Package was a surplus-sharing initiative that benefited all adult Singaporeans, with more for lower-income and older Singaporeans.

It comprised 6 different schemes:

  • Growth Dividends.
  • Workfare Bonus Scheme.
  • Utilities – Save, Service and Conservancy and Rental Rebates.
  • Top-ups to CPF Special, Retirement and MediSave accounts.
  • Opportunity Funds to Ministry of Education schools and self-help groups.
  • 40th Anniversary National Service Bonus.

The Progress Package’s key achievement was its ability to seamlessly deliver government services as one package despite having different schemes. It also reached out to Singaporeans through a partnership between the Government, unions, grassroots organisations, Voluntary Welfare Organisations and other volunteers.

About the UN Public Service Awards

The United Nations Public Service Awards is the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service. It rewards the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions worldwide. The annual competition promotes the role, professionalism and visibility of public services.