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Download the glossary of terms to guide you in your reporting.

Read our related questions on WSH Incident Reporting if you face difficulty with using the eService, or have questions on incident reporting.

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Who can use WSH Incident Reporting eService?Show

You can use WSH Incident Reporting eService if you are one of the following:

  • Employer
  • Occupier
  • Insurer
  • Treating doctor
  • Injured employee
  • Injured employee’s next-of-kin
  • Injured employee’s legal representative

Occupiers don’t need to report for accidents involving employees of other companies, but should inform the employer of the injured employee to file an incident report.

Occupiers must report for fatal accidents involving member of public, student or a self-employed person.

If you’re unable to use the eService, you can also report through our online feedback.

What can I do?Show

With WSH Incident Reporting eService, you can:

  • Submit, amend, retrieve and upload supporting documents for a work-related incident report.
  • Purchase reports submitted by employers (applicable to injured employees or their dependents, legal representatives of injured employees and insurers).

What do I need?Show

Please have details of incident, injured employee’s personal particulars, employment and supporting documents (e.g. salary vouchers, insurance policy schedule, medical documents) ready for report submission.

What if I don't have Corppass or Singpass?Show

If you’re the injured employee or injured employee’s next-of-kin, you don’t need Singpass to submit your incident report.

If you’re a company, you must use Corppass to log in to report incidents. Apply for Corppass if you don’t have one.

If you’re in business trades such as hawkers or local entities (e.g. trust funds and joint ventures) without a UEN, you have to apply for a UEN so that you can then apply for Corppass.

How do I get workplace number for my construction worksite to carry out WSH transaction?Show

If You can

You have applied BCA permit for structural works (only for construction worksite).


You have an existing workplace record.

  1. Log in to WSH eService and search for your active workplace records.
  2. Choose the workplace record to carry out your WSH transaction.

You don’t need to apply for BCA permit (only for construction worksite)


You don’t have existing workplace record.

  1. Log in to WSH eService to create a non-notifiable workplace record.
  2. Note down your workplace number at the acknowledge page after submission.
  3. Search for your active workplace records and choose the workplace record.

You can use your UEN, company name or workplace name to search for your workplace records.

You can also read the user guides to:

How do I submit incident report using WSH Incident Reporting?Show