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Ministry of Manpower COS highlights 2022

Find out the key points from MOM’s Committee of Supply (COS) speeches, including links to detailed information about our announcements.

2021 saw encouraging economic recovery as the labour market rebounded, thanks to the resilience of our workforce, our businesses and our unique strength of tripartism. The Government continued to extend support to businesses and workers, protecting livelihoods and jobs.

In 2022, we will build on this foundation and seize opportunities in the recovering global economy. We will continue to support businesses and workers through the economic recovery, and position ourselves for more challenges and opportunities over the next decade.

MOM will focus on the following key areas in 2022:

  • Upgrade capabilities and build complementary strengths of our workforce.
  • Uplift and strengthen support for our vulnerable and mature workers.
  • Uphold workplace fairness, foster inclusive and progressive practices.