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WSH alert service for WSH Incident Reporting

As a workplace occupier, the alert service will update you on injuries, accidents and unsafe conditions at your workplace.

What is WSH alert service

The WSH alert service is a free service from MOM. It lets you receive email alerts on reports of accidents and injuries that occur at your workplace, submitted to MOM via WSH Incident Reporting.

Why use WSH alert service

The alerts help you take necessary action and work closely with the subcontractor on ways to prevent such accidents from recurring.

This will help bring about improvements to workplace safety and health standards.

Who can subscribe

Workplace occupiers can subscribe to the service and nominate representatives to receive the alerts.

How to subscribe

Using GoBusiness

If your workplace is a factory, you can subscribe to the service when you apply for or update your factory notification and registration.

For detailed instructions, download the relevant user guide:

Using WSH eService

If your workplace is not a factory, you can subscribe to the service when you create a non-notifiable workplace record via WSH eService.

You can read the user guides to:

If you need assistance to subscribe to the WSH alert service, please send us your enquiry.