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What is a work-related accident

You need to report work-related accidents, Dangerous Occurrences and Occupational Diseases. Find out what needs to be reported.

A work-related accident is any unintended event that occurs in the course of work (excluding domestic work) that leads to an injury or condition.

It can also be a Dangerous Occurrence, an Occupational Disease or:

  • Traffic accidents that happen at the workplace or in the course of work, e.g. a traffic accident while commuting to work on company transport.
  • Accidents that are incidental to or from work, e.g. slipping and falling within the workplace but when not performing official work duties.
  • Conditions of a medical nature, such as heart attacks or strokes, that may be triggered by work.

Dangerous Occurrence

A Dangerous Occurrence is one that is found in the list of Dangerous Occurrences.

Occupational Disease

An Occupational Disease is one that is found in the list of Occupational Diseases. Any disease not found in the list but which results from exposure to chemical or biological agents at work is also an Occupational Disease.

List of Occupational Diseases for reportingShow

  1. Aniline poisoning
  2. Anthrax
  3. Arsenical poisoning
  4. Asbestosis
  5. Barotrauma
  6. Beryllium poisoning
  7. Byssinosis
  8. Cadmium poisoning
  9. Carbamate poisoning
  10. Cataracts due to infra-red,ultraviolet or X-ray radiation
  11. Compressed air illness or its sequelae, including dysbaric osteonecrosis
  12. Cyanide poisoning
  13. Diseases caused by excessive heat
  14. Diseases caused by ionising radiation
  15. Glanders
  16. Hydrogen sulphide poisoning
  17. Lead poisoning
  18. Leptospirosis or its sequelae
  19. Liver angiosarcoma
  20. Manganese poisoning
  21. Mercurial poisoning
  22. Mesothelioma
  23. Musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limb
  24. Noise-induced deafness
  25. Occupational asthma
  26. Occupational skin cancers
  27. Occupational skin diseases
  28. Organophosphate poisoning
  29. Phosphorus poisoning
  30. Poisoning by benzene or a homologue of benzene
  31. Poisoning by carbon dioxide gas
  32. Poisoning by carbon disulphide
  33. Poisoning by carbon monoxide gas
  34. Poisoning by oxides of nitrogen
  35. Poisoning from halogen derivatives of hydrocarbon compounds
  36. Silicosis
  37. Toxic anaemia
  38. Toxic hepatitis
  39. Tuberculosis
  40. Ulceration of the corneal surface of the eye from exposure to tar, pitch, bitumen, mineral oil (including paraffin) or soot

Unsafe acts or work conditions

This is any act or work condition that appears unsafe and may cause damage to life or property.