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Enhanced features for myMOM Portal

WSH Incident Reporting eService has been included in myMOM Portal to offer business employers an integrated user experience.

What is new

You can now do more on myMOM Portal with the following:

  • Overview
    Have an overview of the UEN specific company’s Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) report and performance
  • Dashboard
    View overall number of work-related accident reports, top 3 most common workplace injuries and causes as well as demerit point system (DPS), if applicable to the company
  • Workplace Safety and Health - Employee’s reports tab
    View work-related accident reports submitted by employee(s)
  • Workplace Safety and Health - Company’s reports tab
    View the work-related accident reports submitted by the company as well as details of the party in-charge of handling the work injury claim
WSH Dashboard

With the new enhancement, you can now:

  • View case processing details of each individual injury report.
  • Get insights on most common injuries and causes, how to avoid them and raise awareness on workplace safety.