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Apply for an Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass

You can submit an Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass application online.

At a glance

Who can apply

Eligible candidates can apply directly.

Appointed employment agents (EA) and employers can also apply on behalf of the candidates.

How much it costs

When you submit the application:

  • $105 for each pass

When you get the pass issued:

How long it takes

Within 4 weeks for most cases.

Applications under the outstanding achievements track may take longer if further assessment is required by the relevant agencies.

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You may only submit 1 work pass application per candidate at a time. If the candidate has an existing work pass application, they cannot apply for an Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass.

How to apply

Step Who does this Result
Submit an application Candidate, appointed EA or employer on behalf of the candidate  In-principle approval (IPA) letter or rejection letter
Prepare for arrival in Singapore Candidate Candidates must comply with the latest travel requirements
Get the pass issued Candidate  Notification letter
(If required) Register fingerprints and photo Candidate Acknowledgment of card delivery
Receive the card Authorised recipients or candidate Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass card 

Apply for your family’s passes after your pass has been approved.

Although you can apply for their passes at the same time as the Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass, you may lose the application fees for each family pass if your Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass application gets rejected.

Submit an applicationShow

Processing time: 4 weeks for most cases

How to apply

  1. Prepare the documents required.
  2. Complete the online application form.
  3. Pay the $105 application fee via Visa or Mastercard.

How to check your application status

You may check your application status online after 4 weeks.

If additional information or documents are required:

  • Your processing time may take longer than 4 weeks
  • We will email you (please reply directly to our email)

Receiving your application results

We will send your results to the email indicated in your application form.

If your pass is approved, you should also receive an IPA letter. Your IPA letter:

  • Is a pre-approved single-entry visa for you to enter Singapore. It gives you 6 months to enter Singapore and get your pass issued.
  • States whether you need to go for a medical examination, which can be done after you arrive in Singapore.

Applying on behalf of a candidate
A company can apply for the Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass on behalf of a candidate that it wishes to employ.

During application, you should:

  1. Inform the candidate of the:
    • Contents of the application.
    • Documents submitted as part of the application.
    • Declaration made as part of the application.
  2. Send a copy of the submitted application form to the candidate for their reference.

After the application has been approved, the pass holder will need to:

  1. Sign the relevant declaration form.
  2. Submit it during his or her pass issuance appointment at the Employment Pass Services Centre.

If you are an authorised third-party service provider who is not an employment agent, you can still submit on behalf of the applicant. In the form, please select ‘I am applying on behalf of the candidate as an employment agency’ and enter ‘NA’ when prompted to key in the EA Licence Number.

Prepare for arrival in SingaporeShow

Before departing

You should:

After arriving

You should:

  • Show your IPA letter to the immigration officer.
  • Complete any required medical examinations.

Get the pass issuedShow

When: Within 6 months of IPA

Processing time: Immediate

Make an appointment

Once you've arrived in Singapore, you should make an appointment to get your pass issued at our Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC).

If you cannot find a suitable appointment date, send us an enquiry.

Prepare the following for your appointment:

What to prepare Details
Travel documents

These include your:

  • Original passport
  • (If applicable) Completed Medical Declaration Form
  • (If applicable) Current Short-Term Visit Pass or immigration pass details. If you have an SG Arrival Card (SGAC), please refer to ICA’s acknowledgment email on your SGAC.
Work pass documents

These include your:

Personal contact information

These include your:

  •  Local mobile number
  • Residential address in Singapore
Card delivery address and recipient's details

A local address where we can deliver the card, and at least one authorised recipient’s contact details to receive an SMS or email alert, if applicable.

Payment for issuance and visa fees

$225 for each pass issuance. An additional $30 for each Multiple Journey Visa, if applicable.

You may use Visa, Mastercard, Amex, NETS, or CashCard to pay for your fees. If your credit or debit card was not issued in Singapore, please ensure it has been activated for overseas use.

If you are an EA attending on behalf of your candidate, please prepare your candidate's particulars instead. Your candidate must be in Singapore to get the pass issued.

Receive your notification letter

Once your pass has been issued, you will receive a notification letter that:

  • Allows you to start work and travel in and out of Singapore while waiting for your pass card.
  • States if you need to register your fingerprints and photo for card registration.
  • Is valid for 1 month from the date of issue. If you need more time to complete the card registration procedures, you can request to extend the validity of your notification letter.

(If required) Register fingerprints and photoShow

When: Within 2 weeks after the pass is issued (if required)

Make an appointment

If your notification letter states that you need to register your fingerprints and photo, you should make an appointment at our Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC).

You must register your fingerprints and photo within 2 weeks after your pass has been issued.

What to bring for your appointment

Please bring the following documents for your appointment:

  • Original passport 
  • Appointment letter
  • Notification letter

Receive the cardShow

When: Within 5 working days after registration or document verification

Card delivery

We will deliver the card to the given address within 5 working days after you register at the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) and get your documents verified.

 If you don’t need to register, we will deliver the card within 5 working days after verifying your documents. 


The authorised recipients will get an SMS or email with the delivery details at least 1 working day before the delivery. 

Download SGWorkPass to scan the QR code on your new card and check your pass status, expiry date and more. 

Unsuccessful card delivery

If we are unable to deliver your card after 2 attempted deliveries, you or an authorised person needs to collect the card at EPSC.

You can collect the card 3 working days after the second attempted delivery. You do not need an appointment.

What to bring:

If you Do this
Collect the card in person

Bring your:

  • Original passport or travel document
  • Notification letter
Authorise someone to collect the card on your behalf

Ensure the person brings:

  • An authorisation letter from you (the pass holder)
  • Their NRIC or passport for verification