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Workplace Policy and Strategy Division

The Workplace Policy and Strategy Division (WPSD) drives MOM’s effort in promoting progressive workplace practices.

About us

The Workplace Policy and Strategy Division (WPSD) was formed in May 2006 to drive and coordinate MOM’s work in enhancing workplace practices and standards, in order to achieve MOM's vision of making Singapore a “Great Workplace”.

To this end, WPSD develops policies covering a wide spectrum of issues, including strengthening workplace and occupational safety practices through our legislation, guidelines, standards and advisories, as well as ensuring the proper management and well-being of foreign workers. In addition, WPSD monitors the employment landscape to address the needs of the changing workforce and to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Through stakeholder engagements WPSD develops a deeper understanding of workplace practices, both locally and globally. At the same time, WPSD oversees and conducts MOM's relations with international agencies and foreign counterparts.