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Foreign Manpower Management Division

The Foreign Manpower Management Division (FMMD) raises workplace standards for foreign workers and enforces foreign workforce policies.


FMMD ensures the proper management and well-being of foreign workers through enforcement and licensing requirements, as well as educational and promotional efforts.

FMMD works closely with other departments within the Ministry, to ensure a complementary and sustainable foreign workforce.

What we do

FMMD’s core activities include the following:

  • Managing and protecting foreign manpower, particularly in the following areas:
    • Enforce against kickbacks, illegal labour importation, false salary declaration, as well as illegal employment and deployment.
    • Ensure acceptable housing, employment conditions and physical well-being.
  • Raising the professionalism of the employment agency (EA) industry:
    • Oversee EA licensing rules and conditions.
    • Enforce the EA Act and Regulations.
    • Develop and implement the demerit points system.
  • Strengthening enforcement capabilities:
    • Streamline work processes related to prosecution and enforcement.
    • Conduct audit on EAs and employers of work pass holders.

Our departments

FMMD has 5 departments:

Employment Inspectorate Department

The department enforces MOM’s foreign manpower regulations, focusing on illegal employment and deployment, false salary declaration, kickbacks and illegal labour importation.

Well-Being Department

The department focuses on the management and protection of foreign manpower, particularly in the areas of accommodation, employment conditions, and other well-being related areas. The department also licenses and regulates employment agencies to ensure that job seekers are protected.

Planning and Organisation Development Department

The department provides enforcement data analysis and develops foreign manpower operational policies and frameworks, for effective enforcement and fair and progressive workplaces. It also works with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to facilitate the well-being and protection of foreign workers and foreign domestic workers. Through media and educational programmes, the department educates and raises awareness on foreign manpower related regulations and progressive practices among employers, foreign workers and the public. It also builds organisational capabilities to ensure a high performing and operational ready division.

Customer Management Department

The department manages frontline service operations, prosecution witnesses in the areas of upkeep, job assistance and repatriation, as well as office administration.

Intelligence Department

The department provides timely intelligence to support policy making and enforcement activities for the effective management of foreign manpower. The department builds strategic partnerships with other enforcement agencies.