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Work Pass Division

The Work Pass Division (WPD) oversees the employment of foreign nationals in Singapore. The division administers all work passes, including Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permits.

Our vision

To be the leading Work Pass authority in the world to support a Great Workforce for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Our mission

To regulate and facilitate the employment of foreigners to complement the Singapore Workforce.

About us

The Work Pass Division is responsible for regulating the numbers as well as eligibility of foreigners who work in Singapore. In doing so, we implement policies that meets economic, business needs but at the same time ensuring that the aspiration of our local workforce is not compromised. In addition, our policies also take into account other factors such as social, security and immigration considerations because granting a work pass means allowing a foreigner to enter and stay in Singapore to work for a period of time. We regularly review our policies and process to ensure that our system remains efficient and effective serving the best interest of Singapore and Singaporeans.

We handle all transactions relating to the application, issuance, renewal and cancellation of a work pass. We take a human-centred approach to service delivery and strive to provide a seamless experience for our citizens and customers. To uphold the integrity of our system, we also put in place controls and work with other government agencies to detect and deter fraudulent work pass activities.