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Manpower Planning and Policy Division

The Manpower Planning and Policy Division (MPPD) is responsible for workforce planning, labour market policy, economic research and HR sector development.


Achieve better jobs and higher incomes for Singaporeans, and develop a globally competitive workforce to support a vibrant and competitive economy.


Quality jobs for Singaporeans.

What we do

MPPD's work includes the following:

Workforce Planning Department

We are responsible for manpower planning and local workforce development. We develop policies to help individuals continually adapt and grow through their careers, so that they can take on quality jobs with sustainable growth in real incomes. This includes developing programmes and services to help unemployed individuals get back into jobs.

To do so, we work with agencies such as Workforce Singapore, to facilitate job matching and address mismatches in skills, wages and jobs, and the Ministry of Education, to help Singaporeans maximise their potential through education and training.

To inform our policies, we study labour market data and trends, and deepen our understanding of issues faced by various segments of the local workforce through surveys, polls and ground feedback.

Foreign Workforce Policy Department

We are responsible for the formulation and calibration of foreign workforce policies.

Our guiding objective is to ensure that the foreign workforce complements the local workforce, so as to achieve good employment outcomes for our workers along with good business outcomes for our firms.

Economics Unit

We conduct economic research on labour market issues and manpower projections.

We support MOM’s labour market policy formulation through research, modelling and impact evaluation work, applying economic theory, econometrics and statistical methodologies.

Sectoral Manpower Unit

We work closely with sector agencies and tripartite partners (industry, unions) to develop and implement manpower plans within the 23 Industry Transformation Maps.

To do so, we monitor sectoral labour market trends, through quantitative data analysis, as well as engagements with businesses and unions. This informs the design and implementation of both local and foreign workforce policies and programmes by the Division.

HR Sector Development Department

The HR sector plays a critical role in enabling human capital development in organisations and across industry sectors. We oversee strategic efforts to strengthen the HR profession and the HR services cluster, as well as grow the HR ecosystem, in partnership with tripartite partners and HR industry leaders.