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Communications and Engagement Department

Communications and Engagement Department (CED) handles media relations, research and planning, and marketing and digital communications.

About CED

CED oversees public communications to support MOM’s efforts in building a globally competitive workforce, and progressive workplaces for all Singaporeans and its mission to have better jobs and a secure retirement for Singaporeans. Its main functions are media relations, research and planning, and marketing and digital communications.

Media relations

CED charts MOM’s media strategy. This includes the development of key messages and recommended channels of communication, and media engagement and facilitation. CED also works closely with the media to address queries, and manages access to MOM spokespersons.

Research and planning

CED develops MOM’s overall communications strategy. It aims to reinforce Media Relations, and Marketing and Digital Communications and build strong capabilities in analytics, communications, planning, research, and sense making to drive this strategy.

Marketing and digital communications

CED drives MOM’s marketing and digital media strategy through integrated marketing campaigns, public education and outreach, and online community engagement. It develops and pushes out key messages through platforms such as advertising, and broadcast and digital media. CED also manages the MOM brand to build public awareness and trust in MOM’s policies and programmes.