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Joint Operations Division

The Joint Operations Division (JOD) looks into 3 main areas of work in MOM – strategy, preparedness and engagement.


A MOM that is prepared for emergencies, responsive to the environment and effective in enforcement.


Enable MOM to achieve operational excellence by enhancing our operational readiness, effectiveness and efficiency.

Ops Strategy

Ops Strategy is responsible for providing strategic direction for MOM level enforcement, to increase enforcement effectiveness for MOM and statutory boards.

The Incident Management Team under Ops Strategy works with divisions to actively manage incidents on a MOM level, to work towards proactive resolution of incidents.

The Ops Technology Team looks at how to imbibe operational technology to increase enforcement effectiveness.

Ops Preparedness

Ops Preparedness is responsible for preparing MOM for emergency and crises situations, ranging from haze to disease scenarios.

The Preparedness Planning Team is also in charge of the SGSecure for Workplaces planning as part of readying workplaces for terrorist threats.

Ops Engagement

Ops Engagement is responsible for engaging MOM's stakeholders, and ensuring MOM has a healthy stakeholder engagement strategy and plans, to meet MOM's business and informational needs.

The Ops Engagement Team also analyses feedback from MOM's stakeholders and feeds them to respective divisions for action.