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Corporate Planning and Management Department

The Corporate Planning and Management Department (CPMD) works closely with other divisions in MOM to help develop the strategies and resources MOM needs to achieve its mission.


The mission of CPMD is to develop effective and future-ready strategies, capabilities and resources to help MOM achieve its goals.

Strategic management

We maintain a strategic overview of MOM’s work, to ensure a high level of integration and alignment across all of MOM’s work, towards our overall Mission and Vision.

We work with MOM divisions to drive strategic planning, corporate performance and risk management, as well as develop future-ready capabilities.

We drive strategic planning, by enhancing MOMers’ knowledge of driving forces in our operating environment, sensitising MOMers to weak signals and future trends, and keeping MOMers updated of MOM’s outcomes and strategies.

We continuously review MOM’s strategic priorities and monitor organisational performance, seeking out emergent risks as well as benchmarking MOM’s performance against longer term goals.

We identify and develop future-ready capabilities for MOM and apply new capabilities (such as behavioural insights, design thinking, futuring, data analytics) to improve MOM’s work.


We collaborate with MOM’s divisions to create data-driven and human-centric policies, programmes and customer interactions.

We develop strategies, solutions and implement changes to MOM’s systems and processes, to enhance our business outcomes.

We build information capabilities to create data infrastructure and support business analytics solutions.

We build MOM’s competencies in design thinking, behavioural insights, business analytics and business intelligence.


We ensure the availability and optimal allocation of resources to enable MOM to succeed in executing its strategies that contribute to its strategic goals.

We create and implement sound policies and guidelines that strengthen MOM's financial procedures, and resource allocation and use.

We promote corporate accountability and the right use of public resources to adhere to good corporate governance practices.

We partner MOM divisions in their financial management efforts to maximise the use of resources effectively and efficiently.

Organisational management

We build a safe and conducive workplace with effective processes to ensure high level of services and professionalism.

We develop and ensure physical infrastructure is maintained at its optimal to support MOM’s smooth and effective operations.

We create a safe and environmental-friendly workplace through developing and maintaining energy efficient facilities, and promoting a safe and green/sustainable culture within the Ministry.

We develop rigorous and effective processes in procurement, knowledge management, and corporate administration which enable MOM to work efficiently.